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Being in a position of power means people have an obligation to use their best judgment when they act. It also means they should be free to make decisions without outside influence. To preserve this concept, state law makes it a serious crime to offer or accept bribes involving public officials or other people in positions of authority.

If you face these allegations, you need representation from a Glendale bribery lawyer. The relentless attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group will work to protect your reputation by fighting accusations that you offered or received bribes. We will evaluate the evidence in the case, explain the relevant laws, and develop a tailored defense on your behalf.


When most people think about bribery charges, they imagine attempts to influence the votes or actions of public officials. These officials may be judges, elected representatives, or government employees.

According to Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-2602, it is against the law to offer anything of value to these people in an attempt to change their opinion, vote, judgment, or any other action or decision made in their official capacity. Additionally, the law states it is illegal for people in these positions to accept these payments with the understanding that they will change their position.


Convictions under this statute are Class 4 felonies. If this is a person’s first felony conviction, mitigating factors in the case may result in a prison sentence as short as one year. However, aggravating factors in the case may motivate a judge to issue a sentence of up to 3.75 years.

A Glendale bribery attorney could help defeat allegations related to the bribery of a public official, including investigating the interactions between the parties or showing how the acceptance of a gift fits within the legal limits of lobbying.


Bribery allegations can also occur outside the political realm. It is against the law to offer or accept bribes that affect the operation of companies.

Under Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 13-2605, it is illegal for a person to offer a benefit to an employee with the understanding that the employee will act to cause harm to their employer. Just like in allegations of political bribery, it is illegal for employees to accept those payments.

Although these allegations are less severe than those involving political bribery, they are still classified as Class 5 felonies. A first conviction with mitigating factors comes with a six-month mandatory prison sentence. Aggravating factors could extend the sentence to as long as 2.5 years. Our experienced Glendale lawyers can help defend people facing accusations related to bribery in the business world.


State law makes it illegal to offer a gift to a public official with the understanding that the gift will influence their opinion, vote, or decision. It is also against the law to bribe an employee of a company to act against that company’s interests. However, accusations of bribery are complex matters. It can be difficult to differentiate between a legitimate gift or lobbying and bribery.

A Glendale bribery lawyer is prepared to investigate the circumstances of your case and build an effective defense on your behalf. The legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the state’s bribery laws, evaluate the evidence that a prosecutor intends to introduce at trial, and fight to protect both your reputation and freedom. Speak with us today to get started.

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