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Defense Strategies in Phoenix Sex Crime Cases

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When you are accused of a sex crime, you may be unsure what to do or how to protect your future. Your best option for resolving the situation with minimal impact on your life is to avoid talking to the police and contact legal counsel immediately. The right lawyer can strategize and develop the best defense for the situation.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our former prosecutors have years of experience handling these cases. We can explain potential defense strategies in Phoenix sex crime cases and work tirelessly to preserve your future.


If a person is under investigation but has not yet been charged with a sex crime, the best defense strategy is for an attorney to shield them from law enforcement. It is crucial for suspects to avoid answering police questions and prevent potentially incriminating statements.

Our Phoenix lawyers can also begin investigating the sex crime allegations and building a strong defense. Once the defendant has been charged, legal counsel must gather evidence, determine the credibility of the victims or witnesses, and analyze the state’s case.


To build a strong defense against sex crime charges, our seasoned Phoenix attorneys will look at every piece of the case. One potential avenue for defense is to analyze the accuser’s motivation—whether they have a reason to lie or falsely accuse someone. This also involves examining how the jury may perceive the alleged victim and their credibility.

Another option is to look for Constitutional issues in the case that may lead to evidence being suppressed or thrown out. If the police violated a suspect’s rights during the investigation, they might be unable to use the evidence they gathered improperly. Our legal team works to defend a suspect’s Constitutional rights against illegal police tactics during sex crime investigations.

There may even be ways to defend against DNA and medical evidence in a sex crime case. These types of evidence are not impenetrable, and there may be alternate explanations for why a person’s DNA is in a specific location. The experienced lawyers at our firm can work with experts to review scientific and medical evidence and look for any inadequacies. Legal counsel must break down every aspect of the sex crime case to present an effective defense in negotiations or at trial.


Although public defenders may be great lawyers, they often have too many cases and not enough time. Some public defenders may not have adequate experience to handle sex crime cases successfully. A private defense attorney takes on a limited number of clients and can spend more time and resources on each case.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our legal team includes former prosecutors in the Maricopa County attorney’s sex crimes unit. Our skilled local attorneys underwent the same training as sex crime prosecutors and police, and as defense lawyers, we have tried countless cases involving sexual offenses. When building a defense strategy against sex crime charges, working with the right attorney is crucial.


If you face sexual offense charges or suspect you are under investigation, your priority should be to retain legal representation. The sooner you begin building defense strategies in Phoenix sex crime cases, the more options you may have for minimizing the impact on your life.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we understand how prosecutors and police officers operate in these cases. We know how to fight for defendants’ rights and have the track record to back it up. Contact our firm today to get started on your defense.

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