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Many arrests for criminal assault in Arizona happen at the scene of the alleged offense immediately after it happened. However, someone could face this charge as a result of an investigation into their actions by law enforcement authorities. An assault charge following an investigation can be tricky to fight effectively because there are more chances to harm your defense while interacting with – or being observed by – investigators.

Having representation from seasoned legal counsel is especially important if you are currently being investigated or believe you may soon be investigated for suspected criminal assault. Assault investigations in Gilbert do not always have bad outcomes, and support from a skilled assault defense lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group, who knows how to do things the right way, can improve your chances of achieving a favorable resolution to your case.


To convict someone of any criminal offense, the prosecution must prove every element of the offense as it is defined under state law was present in what the defendant did “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The main purpose of assault investigations in Gilbert is to establish someone harmed another person accidently or intentionally, made aggressive physical contact with them, or placed them in reasonable fear that they were about to be physically harmed. In cases involving aggravated assault, one of several specific aggravating conditions was also present.

Investigators will conduct multiple rounds of interviews with everyone allegedly involved in a suspected assault, as well as anyone who witnessed the altercation, its preceding events, or its aftermath. They may also look for documentary evidence like surveillance camera footage, text communication between the parties involved, and medical reports detailing injuries caused by the alleged assault. A qualified legal professional at Grand Canyon Law Group can offer more specific information about what evidence might be relevant to an assault investigation.


Assault cases typically cannot be won during the investigative stage, but they can absolutely be lost. Any poorly phrased answer to an investigator’s question or piece of information volunteer unnecessarily could be used against that person. The same is true of statements made to people allegedly involved in the incident in an attempt to smooth things over or avoid more legal trouble.

Certain actions like hiding or destroying evidence can result in additional criminal charges that may be punished more severely than the assault charge. With this in mind, it is best to be cooperative with investigators while letting legal counsel take the lead whenever possible during assault investigations in Gilbert.


Being investigated by police after an accusation of assault does not guarantee you will end up being convicted or even charged with any criminal wrongdoing. That said, what you do during an ongoing investigation can affect the direction the rest of your life takes, especially if the allegations against you constitute a felony offense.

Assistance from the former prosecutors now working as defense attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group will be essential to a positive outcome to assault investigations in Gilbert. Call today to discuss your options.

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