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San Tan Valley Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what offense you are under investigation or facing charges for, you deserve dedicated legal representation. Your chances of successfully navigating your criminal case are much higher with help from an experienced attorney.

Once retained, a San Tan Valley criminal defense lawyer can work diligently on your behalf to collect all available evidence and create a strategy tailored to the prosecution’s case against you. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our team has years of experience defending the rights of the accused and can advise you in your situation.


In most states, convictions for various criminal offenses may result in prison sentences within straightforward ranges. These ranges may be defined on a statute-by-statute basis or based on what specific category of misdemeanor or felony a particular offense falls under. In Arizona, though, the sentence that may be passed down following a criminal conviction can vary significantly from person to person. For instance, penalties may depend on whether the defendant has a history of previous criminal convictions.


There are five key terms when it comes to understanding penalty ranges for virtually all felony offenses in San Tan Valley: mitigated, minimum, presumptive, maximum, and aggravated. The presumptive sentence is the court’s starting point when deciding on what sentence a convicted defendant should serve. The court’s final decision usually falls somewhere between the prescribed minimum and maximum terms for the relevant category of offense.

However, in situations involving mitigating or aggravating circumstances as defined in Arizona Revised Statutes §13-701, those respective values may replace the usual minimum and maximum sentences. For example, according to ARS §13-702, a first-time offender convicted of a Class 6 felony offense may face a presumptive sentence of one year within a minimum-to-maximum range of six months to one year and six months. In the presence of mitigating or aggravating circumstances, though, that range could be widened to a minimum of three months or a maximum of two years.

As a skilled local defense attorney could explain, more severe offenses allow for longer presumptive sentences and minimum-to-maximum ranges. Special penalty ranges may apply for repeat offenders, dangerous offenders, and people who commit crimes against children.


The benefits of having a skilled legal representative on your side during a criminal case extend far beyond the trial itself. Before a defendant’s case ever gets close to a courtroom, their legal counsel can represent them during investigations by law enforcement, negotiate with prosecutors prior to trial, and potentially work out a deal to minimize penalties and long-term repercussions of a conviction.

Even if a case results in a conviction, our dedicated criminal defense lawyers can continue arguing on a defendant’s behalf to ensure they do not receive an unfairly harsh sentence in light of their unique circumstances and history. If a conviction results from prosecutorial bias, a procedural mistake, or any other error in the application of criminal justice, a lawyer can help the convicted San Tan Valley resident through the Arizona criminal appeals process.


Effectively fighting back against allegations of criminal conduct can be a complicated endeavor in Arizona, primarily because of how state law handles sentencing after criminal convictions. On top of that, certain offenses are prosecuted much more harshly in Arizona than in neighboring states do, such as DUIs.

A San Tan Valley criminal defense lawyer could be the ally for a successful outcome in your case. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn how our dedicated legal team can fight for you.

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