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Tricia Blomker

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about tricia blomker

Tricia Blomker is a dedicated paralegal at GCLG, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to her role. With a diverse professional background and a degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Tricia has honed her skills and empathy to provide unwavering support to clients navigating the legal system.

Tricia’s personal experiences with family members facing legal challenges have given her a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by GCLG’s clients, particularly those dealing with the complexities of being a support person for a sex offender. Working alongside David Lish and Ryan McPhie, Tricia is committed to guiding clients through their most difficult times and recognizing the importance of a strong support system in achieving successful outcomes.

When not working tirelessly to assist clients, Tricia enjoys the great outdoors with her husband and blended family of five children and two grandchildren. Her diverse background, coupled with her dedication and belief in the power of a strong support system, makes her an invaluable asset to the GCLG team.

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