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Payson Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal accusation can have many adverse effects on your life in addition to the life-altering penalties of a conviction. Even after serving a sentence, you may find it harder to find employment or exercise some of your rights. Regardless of your situation, you are always entitled to defend your legal rights.

With the proper legal representation by your side, you may be in a better position to fight your charges. Unrepresented individuals are more prone to a wrongful prosecution or increased prison sentence and other penalties. Therefore, a Payson criminal defense lawyer should be your first call to get things done the right way.

The lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group have dealt with hundreds of cases as former Deputy County attorneys and know exactly what to expect from the prosecution. Reach out today to set up a consultation.


There is a wide range of criminal offenses that we defend, including:

  • Assault and all other violent offenses, including homicide
  • All forms of DUI or other criminal traffic violations
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft and other property crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • White collar crimes

Navigating criminal charges can be a confusing process for individuals who have no prior experience with the system. There are several steps in the process toward a trial, including an arraignment, motions and arguments, pretrial conferences, and jury selection before a trial. An experienced Payson defense attorney could help guide an individual through the complex criminal justice process and work to obtain a favorable outcome.


When the prosecution brings criminal charges against an individual, it does not mean they have been convicted of the crime. It is critical to understand that individuals charged with a crime are presumed to be innocent of that crime until they either plead guilty or are proven guilty by a judge or jury. It is the prosecution’s responsibility to prove that an individual committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are strategies available to individuals to help lessen a charge or avoid conviction altogether, including proactively seeking treatment, rehabilitation, educational classes, or community service, among other things. Being proactive may show a desire to rehabilitate oneself and may lead to leniency by the prosecution.

A Payson attorney could advise an individual on the best steps to take to potentially mitigate charges. We could lay out the best defense strategies for your unique situation, using our experience to determine how to best protect your rights.


The ultimate decision regarding the penalties a convicted individual receives lies with the judge that presides over the trial and criminal case. However, the presiding judge will decide based on the specific sentencing range for the offense outlined under state law. A judge will also consider any mitigating or aggravating factors concerning the case and the convicted individual. Potential penalties include fines, community service, probation, and prison time, depending on the nature of the charges.

State sentencing laws set forth sentencing ranges for different offenses and classifications of crimes. Some of the general classifications for sentencing ranges include dangerous offenses, non-dangerous offenses, dangerous crimes against children, and drug offenses. Additionally, sexual assault convictions carry their own sentencing ranges under Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1406.

A sentencing judge has a wide range of discretion in determining a convicted individual’s penalties. A Payson criminal defense lawyer understands what a judge will consider in their sentencing decision and could help present the most beneficial factors.


Time is of the essence when you or a loved one is facing criminal charges. If you do not move quickly to seek the best defense for your case, you may lose out on potential motions or other actions that could help resolve your matter.

A Payson criminal defense lawyer could work vigorously to present your best defense and fight to defend your legal rights. Call today to discuss your criminal case with a dedicated professional at Grand Canyon Law Group.

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