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Phoenix Vehicular Crimes Attorney

Driving comes with an obligation to operate the vehicle responsibly. This includes following all applicable traffic laws and acting in a generally safe manner. Most allegations of failing this obligation are traffic violations—you might pay a fine and move forward with your life. However, if police officers believe your behavior threatens the property or safety of others, they may arrest you for a vehicular crime.

A Phoenix vehicular crimes lawyer at Grand Canyoan Law Group can work tirelessly to protect your future. The diligent attorneys at our firm will investigate the reason for the traffic stop and arrest. We also ensure that you understand the law behind your case and the potential consequences of a conviction. Our team is ready to present a strong defense in court and fight for your way of life.


Most examples of traffic stops in the Phoenix area are for simple violations. This means that even if a person admits fault or receives a conviction in traffic court, the most a judge can do is order them to pay a fine and add points to their license. Although these points may lead to a license suspension, these incidents generally have a limited impact on a person’s life.

The same is not true when a traffic incident alleges a violation of the state’s criminal code. Cases here move forward through the criminal justice system. Convictions will create a criminal record and may result in a jail or prison sentence. Examples of these cases include:

Our Phoenix attorneys are ready to fully explain the laws that control a vehicular crime case and the potential consequences of a conviction.


Classifying a driving offense as a criminal matter means the case will go to criminal court. The defendant must go through the formal arrest process and appear in court for all scheduled sessions.

Our local vehicular crimes lawyers are ready to provide tireless representation during every stage of this process. We can protect people in police custody against aggressive police interrogation techniques. During arraignments, our experienced lawyers work to argue for fair bail terms and reinstatement of the defendant’s driver’s license, if applicable. Our legal team makes arguments at trial that aim to discredit the prosecution’s case and create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors. The Phoenix attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are ready to support those accused of vehicular crimes at every step of the criminal proceedings.


When you face driving-related allegations, it is important to take the charges seriously. Even if state law classifies these events as misdemeanors, convictions will create a criminal record and could lead to time spent in jail. Other examples are felonies that come with life-long penalties.

Reach out to a Phoenix vehicular crimes attorney now. The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group are prepared to protect your rights, explain your options, and bring a powerful defense to court. Whether your case involves drunk driving, severe speeding accusations, or allegations of vehicular assault, we are ready to stand up for you. Call us today to get started.

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