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Almost everyone can look back on their teenage or young adult years and regret some of their actions. It is a well-known fact that students make mistakes. Unfortunately, some of those youthful mistakes are more serious than everyday teenage indiscretions. Some teenage mistakes can lead to serious school disciplinary actions or even criminal penalties.

If your child is facing possible school or criminal consequences for their mistake, it is essential to have a strong local criminal defense attorney by their side. A Mesa student defense lawyer will work with your family to protect and stand up for your child’s rights. En Español


As with any other defendant, college students can face any kind of criminal charge. However, certain types of crimes seem to be the most common on college campuses, including the following:

Local criminal defense attorneys understand the fear that students face when charged with any crime. They know how to work with students and families to come up with creative defense strategies.


Sometimes, colleges and universities pursue their own cases against their students. If the alleged offense involves a criminal act, these school disciplinary actions might take place in addition to a criminal proceeding. Often, these college proceedings do not offer as many protections to the accused. For example, in school hearings, the school does not usually need to prove that the student committed the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead of a judge and a jury listening to a case, a dean and some student volunteers with little to no formal training often sit in judgment.

In addition to pursuing claims against their students for alleged criminal offenses, colleges can also bring students to face other claims. Some examples of offenses that could bring administrative hearings would be the following:

  • Cheating
  • Plagiarism
  • Hazing

Although these other claims may not rise to the level of criminal offenses, they are still serious and may bring with them severe penalties. Fortunately, the attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group have experience advising students on how to present their side of the story in the best light in disciplinary hearings, helping them potentially obtain a positive result.


Both criminal prosecutions and school administrative proceedings can bring harsh penalties. Criminal convictions can involve jail time, fines, community service, and probation. In addition, criminal convictions for students over the age of 18 result in permanent criminal records. With a permanent record, it may be difficult to obtain a loan, gain admission to another university or graduate program, or find a job. After a school disciplinary proceeding, students can face administrative punishments, such as suspension or immediate expulsion from school.


It can be scary for a student to face the threat of criminal prosecution or possible expulsion from school. If your child faces a criminal charge, you are likely worried about whether they will be able to finish school and possibly about whether they will face potential jail time. It is essential to get them qualified local legal assistance immediately. Our lawyers have vast experience with all kinds of cases involving Arizona criminal law, and they also have experience in helping students avoid harsh administrative punishments from their colleges and universities. Reach out to a Mesa student defense lawyer today and let them protect your child’s future.

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