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This law firm is not only a law firm that does its job but moves mountains each and every individual potentially fights tooth an nail for whomever they defend As well as communicate and goes above and beyond your expectations I truly couldn’t be more blessed and I have never made the best decision of my life than to be with them and have them on my side they are marvelous kind and willing And they get the job done and they don’t use normal tactic’s but think outside the box And execute exactly what you’re asking for times 1000 I’m truly blessed to have had them on my side and working with me by the grace of God I hope I never Be in a situation again but if I am I know who to call.

Trey S

The Grand Canyon Law Group helped us tremendously when we found ourselves in an unplanned situation. The communication was great throughout the process. Thank you for all you did to help us during a difficult time. I highly recommend this team.

Shannen M

Joe T. was really helpful in my case, really helpful staff, always responsive and answer all your questions , they go through your case thoroughly and are very helpful & knowledgeable, extremely satisfied.

Daniel L

My experience with Grand Canyon Law Group was 10/10, they showed up to all my court cases making it easier on my end. On top of that they saved me 10 days of jail time and got me off with unsupervised probation without getting my license suspended.

Oscar M

Grand Canyon Law has a great team of attorneys. If you have the fortune of working with Joe or Elliot, you’ll be in great hands. Not only are they effective and efficient at what they do, they also work with a great team of supportive paralegals.

Kirk K

The attorney Joe Tobler and his assistant Danelly made my experience great. They were both compassionate and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone searching for the best!

Adie A

Grand Canyon Law Group is an amazing company! Would totally recommend them to EVERYONE!!

Chelsea F

This firm went above and beyond to provide support as well as resolution to my legal issue. I appreciated the clarity and respect that was given.

Bailee C

Elliot Briggs is professional, helpful, and most of all kind. He helped guide me through my case with confidence and intelligence unmatched by other lawyers I’ve used. I am forever grateful for the care and attention he put forth in handling my case.

Brees B

We are immensely grateful for the expertise, sense of urgency and compassion rendered by our attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group. Our situation was speedily remedied due to the extensive knowledge of state statues and professional experiences.

Danielle N

We used Grand Canyon Law Group for some legal papers and were very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. They took the time to understand our needs and worked with us to come up with the solution that gave us the best results.

Christopher N

So impressed by this firm! I won’t go anywhere else!

Deserie S

First of all, I would like to say I am what is referred to as a “bad” client (just from past weed convictions). When I met with the public sender, he told me that he has looked over this case and there is no way to win. I fired him immediately. Upon recommendation, I hired Ryan Mcphie and the GCLG. I was not sold out and they were extremely professional, not including caring, honest, sympathetic, understanding and smart. I hope to never see these people again (under these circumstances). But if do, these are the lawyers for me. I highly recommend Mr. Mcphie and the GCLG team. Thank you very much Ryan and GCLG.

John S

Elliot at Grand Canyon Law Group was great to work with!! He is very knowledgeable, helps you to feel heard and calm, and genuinely cares about his clients. Great experience!

Meki K

The attorneys at this from are compassionate and truly care about their clients. Great group of law attorneys who are knowledgeable and thorough!

Kristie V

Worth every penny. Curtis and Amanda were amazing, efficient and in great communication. Saved my future!


This whole team has been more than incredible. Had never been in any kind of legal issues/ troubles I had no idea on what to do and luckily I came across this team. Melissa was my attorney, she was more than extraordinary when it came down to explaining things, what to expect basically held my hand while walking me through such stressful process, they kept assuring me they had it all taken care which they did. This was extremely important to me given the fact I’m from out of state.

Mariana G

This law group is absolutely amazing, I would definitely recommend them. David was my attorney and he was upfront and honest about what I was looking at and the outcome he could fight to get me. He had incredible response time. I never had to worry about anything throughout the whole process. Him and his team are #1 in my book. I thank them all very much for all their hard work and knowledge.

Scott K

To anyone that is in the same position I was 12 months ago, questioning yourself how a firm with reasonable fees could represent you just the same as those twice the rates. Well, at GCLG no matter the obstacles ahead for yourself your Team with out a doubt will guide you and represent you never veering from what is best for you not what is best for them. My Team throughout this unfortunate period of my life always looked to the betterment for my future, no matter the odds against my case, I always knew and honestly felt I didn’t have to question their motives as I was being represented by one of the best firms in the valley! Words cannot even remotely come close to expressing my gratitude to the GCLG for how they handled themselves as my legal representative. I would without hesitation recommend their Team for those in a situation needing legal representation, don’t let their reasonable rates detour you as they will represent you well above those firms much more costly. Thank you GCLG for everything, you made this situation as seem less and less burdensome as possible.

Joshua T

Team was always very nice and responsive. Was able to get the best outcome for my case which is awesome! I would highly recommend!

Douglas N

I highly recommend Grand Canyon Law Group if you need legal assistance. Melissa and her team went above and beyond to walk me through the process and explained everything along the way. Whether it’s your first or fifth offense, start off by calling Melissa!

Marci B

Melissa and her team were very helpful through my situation and court process. She made herself available for meetings, collaborations and explanations on any and all issues. Thank you Melissa for all you did!

Justin C

Grand Canyon Law Group exceeded my expectations with their service, professionalism, and care. Their guidance helped me navigate my legal hurdles and I am confident they can help you too! Special thanks to Melissa for making me feel so personalized and important. I can only describe my experience with five stars and five hearts. Thank you Everyone at Grand Canyon law firm, and I will recommend you at every opportunity.

Richard R

Very professional and responsive. They provide multiple ways to stay in contact and follow up regularly. Very pleased with their service and will recommend for any legal issues.

Austin W

If you need a lawyer, Grand Canyon Law Group needs to be your first call. They are professional, honest and make your case a priority. I felt confident in Melissa’s representation with every interaction. My initial phone call with Ryan made me less stressed and confident I was being quoted a fair price for their services. I would absolutely use them in the future. Good representation is hard to find and they stay in communication with you the entire process. Do the right thing and call Grand Canyon Law Group if you are in need of a competent law firm to work with you and for your best interests. The best decision I have ever made was contacting them to represent me.

Concetta L

If you find yourself in a compromising situation or just have questions I do recommend the Grand Canyon Law Firm for services. They are very attentive. They follow through on phone calls and text. They will represent you to the very best of their ability. A bright bunch of team members highly recommend these guys Ms Melissa, David, Angela and every team member & staff.

Stacia M

I was recommended here by a family member after finding out I had an active warrant in my home state for 4 years! I could write a book on how wonderful the experience I had was, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. I live out of state, Melissa and her team represented me the entire time and reassured me every step of the way. They make themselves totally available to you with any questions you have and they explored every Avenue to make sure I received the outcome and representation I wanted and needed. Seriously, if you are looking for legal help and not sure where to turn, they are the ones to call!

Caleb W

I would like to thank Melissa and the whole team at Grand Canyon Law Group for taking the worry out of this situation and making it extremely simple. GCLG were able to restore all of my rights in a timely manner. They kept me up to date with all progress, even when they didn’t have anything new to report. I highly recommend Grand Canyon Law Group to anyone looking to make a better life for themselves and take that next step into self growth. I’m relieved, happy and feel accomplished that I’ve taken this step in my personal life. Thank you GCLG again for all you do and wish you continued success!

Paul F

Melissa and the Grand Canyon group took great great care of me ! She was a very great communicator along the way and through the whole process. They answered any and every question I had. Being a very busy person that I am time is of the essence , but because communication was so great I had ample time to get everything done on my end. Being in Colorado made no difference to the case as she showed up on my behalf for every court date and I was able to get a desirable outcome. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Anthony A

Melissa was my lawyer that helped me with my case. She did a good job and she really explain to me how serious the case is and walked me through what was gonna happen at court and even help me understand what’s right and wrong to do and say not only in court case but in everyday life! I am glad she was my lawyer!

Jaden S

I worked with Melissa and she was great, she explained everything that was going to happen moving forward. She made sure in our meeting to explain what we can expect and took the time to speak to my son and make him truly understand how serious the consequences could’ve been but with her help I was very happy with the outcome.

Monique S

David and his firm truly cares about their client. They show sympathy and will handle whatever case you’re going through professionally. If you’re ever put in a place where you don’t know what to do legally, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Seaon A

I called Grand Canyon Law Group with some questions and Stephen Follett was extremely helpful. He stayed on the phone with me for quite some time (probably longer then he should have). He was patient and listened to my concerns. He was not pushing me to hire him at all, in fact he gave me advice on what I could do on my own as well as giving me an estimate of their cost if I decided to hire them. The price he gave me was extremely reasonable and I would highly recommend this law firm.


Grand Canyon Law Group was there for me during a rough/scary situation in my life. I’ve never been in trouble prior to my case. David Lish and his team were very Honest and thorough every step of the way. He answers emails and phone calls with you personally. Literally got the best outcome for me without me doing a day behind bars.


I can’t say enough amazing things about these guys. I was stuck in a horrible situation and Ryan was the first face I saw and told me he would help me. From then, David was assigned to my cases. It wasn’t typical lawyer babble, he would always check in on me and genuinely care. He walked me through every step, held my hand (basically) the entire way, kept me up to date on everything and ended up getting my case dismissed entirely. Seriously – If you are in trouble or need legal help, trust these guys. Affordable, respectable, caring. I hope I never have to contact them again – but if I ever had to, I would 15/10 always go through these guys. Not enough words to express my gratitude or happiness with this law group.

Paige L

Ryan and the Grand Canyon Law Team were extremely helpful – they listened to me, stayed in constant communication, and provided an unmatched level of representation. They truly went above and beyond. I would recommend the Grand Canyon Law Group to anyone who needs legal help or advice.

Darius I

Stephen Follett and the good folks at GCLG exceeded my expectations when calling a law firm. It seems the public good is a priority for them as they gave me valuable advice for FREE that could very well deny them my paying business, but instead would save me much time and rigamarole to get my case(s) resolved in a timely manner. Very thorough and clear information was provided so that if I ever do in future require the assistance of a more-than-competent atty., I suspect I would be more than pleased by the their results.

Solaria Z

I was arrested in Nov 2021 for DUI and a few other charges in Mesa AZ. I researched the web and liked the Grand Canyon Law Group reviews, so I hired them. I couldn’t have made a better choice! Attorney Ryan was my savior along with his very friendly, talented, and responsive team (Stephanie, Amanda, Matt, Stephen). From day 1, they pull you under their wings and make you feel comfortable throughout the full process. In the end, due to their magically skills, the DUI was pled down and I was only prosecuted for Wreckless Driving, and all other charges were dismissed. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome! Bottom line…this team is fantastic. Don’t look anywhere else! I am so grateful to Team Ryan and so happy I found them in the beginning. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Jeff T

Ryan and his team were truly remarkable. Everyone in the office was extremely helpful communicative and made me feel confident about my case. I never worried if things were taken care of or what I needed to do they had everything 100% under control the entire time. I will always recommend them to anyone I know that has legal issues.

Samantha T

I had the privilege of getting to know Ryan and David both really well. They are genuine people who really care about their clients. Ryan and David made me feel like family instantly. They were thorough, dedicated, and empathetic. They took the time to explain and answer all of my questions. Their team has just as many admirable traits. And talk about efficient, I always had updates via email or phone call as soon as something new transpired. It was so comforting to know I had such great guys in my corner that worked countless hours to fight tooth and nail to achieve amazing end results.

Cheyenne N

If you are looking for a favorable outcome on your case, this is the team! They are extremely qualified and willing to put in the work. Would recommend them to anybody who needed a lawyer.

Grant J

I had a great experience with Grant Canyon Law Group. Rayan and his team were very professional, attentive and patience with me. Always taking time to answer my questions and guide me through this painful process. The justice was done and we win the case 🙏🙌🎊

Carla Z

This law firm was with me throughout the entire process keeping me up to date on everything and was able to get me out of my situation completely like it never even happened a huge thanks to everyone who was there for me.

Raith S

If I need legal help I will never hesitate to head here. So many amazing people, with friendly staff to help you every step of the way.

Samantha W

When you need a helping hand from a law group that really cares, Grand Canyon Law Group should be number one on your list.

Ralph W

I cannot say enough about the responsiveness and professionalism I experienced at Gran Canyon Law. Highly recommended!!

Dan B

I’m 57 and never owned a gun. I attempted to purchase one a year ago and was declined for an arrest in Prescott Valley that ultimately I was not charged with. Grand Canyon had to do a lot of work to get my case before a judge in order to get a dismissal. These guys never gave up on me and got everything taken care of. Today I was able to get an approval from nics and purchased my first gun. Thank you guys for all the work you put into this for me.

Robert R

I called and spoke to several attorneys in Mesa and Tempe…. most of them failed to break down my situation and explain it in a way that made sense and honestly, some of them were mainly focused on me knowing what their “rate” was. During the consultation, Melissa and David actually took the time to go over what had happened on the day I got pulled over, reviewed all docs provided to me by the officer, explained what it all meant, how they would approach my case and how the outcome would impact me and my driver’s license. Melissa took my case in early June of 2022 and provided me with regular updates through Jan 2023 when we won the case. Melissa is straight to the point on her communications and flexible with your schedule if you are not available in the middle of the day while at work etc. I highly recommend reaching out to her, explain your legal situation and be patient. She went above and beyond my expectations.


There is no words to explain the Thankfulness of Angela and her Team. Beyond measure and requirement Angela went beyond measure defended My Son against his DUI accusation and won! Angela took on hearings after she no longer was contracted to do so to defend him. She won his case!!! and as a mom I can not Thank her enough she saved my sons future! Thank You Angela for all you have done! Forever I will be grateful!

Lisa L.

Thank you to Melissa and her team, for the great service and experience. I’m very happy I reached out to this firm, and will be recommending them. Thanks again for everything, and am super excited to be moving forward in life with more solutions and less worries.

Richard R

If i could give 10 stars I would! Ryan McPhie is top in arizona for a reason. Came across a situation and found myself having to look for a lawyer, put in a request to speak to him and within an hour we were on the phone. Throughout the situation we were not left out at all, we were told everything he was told, game plan, what’s to expect at court dates, etc. Always willing to be on the phone at anytime and always gives consistent updates and reassurance. Ryan got me the best possible outcome which I was beyond thankful for. 10000% would recommend, Ryan and Stephanie were an amazing team to work with.


I hired another law firm that I was very happy with in the Past. Unfortunately, the attorney I hired passed away halfway through my legal proceedings and I had to scramble to find another firm /attorney to represent me. I did some quick research, read some reviews and it came down to two firms. The 1st firm, didn’t answer the phone and took about 2 days to return my call. By that time I had already spoken to David and was on my way in to pay my retainer. For the most part, the beginning seemed pretty standard, fairly normal. I can be stubborn at times so I am sure I was more of a pain to them, but they never showed it. What sets this firm apart, specifically David, my attorney, was when we got into the court room. I could tell right away that this was Business as Usual for David and it was like watching a boxer getting ready to fight for the title. Given my circumstances, it made sense to plea to 1 misdemeanor charge, instead of taking 3 to trial. But it took me till the day before trial and a lot of debate with David to concede, But David was right. I think its important to point out though that David didn’t want me to take a plea because it would of meant less work on his part, he truly felt that it was my best option or route to take. After my plea we went straight into a restitution hearing and again this is where David shined. I can be very critical, especially when it involves something like this. I cant tell you enough how impressed I was with David’s Confidence, his courtroom Presence, his Readiness, his level of understanding of even the smallest Details of my case, the Questions he asked, he left no stone unturned and no pertinent question unasked. I would HIGHLY recommend hiring David to represent you and feel confident that he knows what he is doing. Thanks David!!!

Lander S

Outstanding. I reached out to Ryan McPhie based off a referral, but I called many referrals, and they others did not compare. I was able to reach him immediately, not jump through hoops and discuss my situation. Ryan went above and beyond what was necessary for him to do, and made me feel like he genuinely cared for our well-being, and had our best interests at heart. I felt he thoroughly thought out the problem, and educated us on our options. Would not hesitate to go back to him if another issue comes up. Thank you Ryan!

Natalie V

BEST EXPERIENCE – If you need to call a lawyer, you’re probably dealing with one of the most stressful times in your life. This team made it feel as comfortable as possible and as human as possible. My situation was somewhat small, but it was taken seriously.. I never saw the inside of a court room! I was kept informed and comforted the entire time. I met with David Lish once in person, but he even followed up with a personal phone call a few months after everything was done to see that I was doing okay and gave me advice on things he didn’t need to. This team provides a “Midwest nice” experience and is worth every penny.

Sarah Ruth D

Ryan & Stephanie were great! Very responsive and professional. In a time of personal legal stress, amid the beginning of covid chaos and personal challenges, they managed to eleviate significant tension through it all. A positive experience with them. Communication was great. Thanks a million!!

Teresa M

I was charged with a few serious offenses. I found McPhie Law online and gave them a call. I had court the following day and he decided to work with me with such short notice. In the end I had all my charges dismissed for some community service and some fees all while never actually meeting him in person. He fought hard for me and kept me informed through the whole process. Best decision I’ve ever made calling him. I would absolutely recommend McPhie Law!

Joseph R

Ryan McPhie helped us with a situation regarding our son. He provided great legal advice and guidance during the process and everyone at McPhie Law always responded when we had questions. We made a great decision when we hired them.

Chad S

Grand Canyon Law Group is an incredible defense team that you need to have in your corner if the situation arises! They went above and beyond in thier handling of my case and for that I will be forever grateful. When the situation arises and you need representation dont cheat yourself, treat yourself to a legal team that will work tirelessly to get you the outcome you deserve!

Owen W

Angela/Stephen, I received the copy you sent of my PCR today, our mailroom here is horribly slow in getting us our mail. I read through it and had one word that kept popping into my head….WOW. You both did a phenomenal job, I loved it! I think you presented the best argument possible and I can not express my gratitude sufficiently here. To be honest, at times throughout this process I had my doubts, but you exceeded any expectations I ever had. I can not thank you enough for all the work you both put into my case. I am both anxious and excited to receive the state’s response and judges’ thoughts. I fully understand that nothing is certain, but I am hopeful for a favorable outcome and that would not have been possible without you both. I pray you both have a blessed rest of the week and I look forward to any news of my case as it comes. Thank you again.

Michael R

Communicating was very responsive and professional. I couldn’t be more happy with the quality of work.

Christina H

I’m truly grateful for David Lish & his entire team! They are all very welcoming, and friendly. If I ever had questions they were very informative. The consultation for my DUI, They helped me understand the process and really listened to me. My outcome was amazing! My DUI was dismissed! I couldn’t be more thankful! Thank you ♥️

Kyndra F

Ryan and GCLG did a great job with my case. Effort and results were above and beyond. Ryan is a great guy and really cared about my well being. Look no further, you found the right attorney. Highly recommended.

Ben V

This was the first time that I needed legal counsel and I cannot be more fortunate to have David Lish fighting in my corner. David worked very closely with me for the whole duration of the case and was very transparent with all the intricate details of my case. His commitment to fighting for the best results is what I admire the most, which has helped earn me a very favorable outcome. I am sure he has a very busy schedule daily, but he always makes me feel as if my case is the only case he is handling. I don’t think anyone else could have earned me a more favorable outcome than David.


We worked with David Lish on a complex case and he provided some avenues that would benefit our family. He was responsive which at a difficult time was most beneficial. I recommend consulting with David.

Carrie T

I highly recommend David Lish, and Grand Canyon Law Group. From the beginning to the end David was always honest and responsive. He went over with me how we were going to approach my case and the steps I needed to take to get the absolute best outcome. He’s very knowledgeable and affordable.

Phil E

From the first phone call I knew I was in the right place. Ryan listened to my story and started to help me with my problem. He and his office staff were all very polite and were eager to help put this incident behind me . The information between myself and their office was great and was kept aware of what was to come next. All in all everything worked out to the conclusion that I was hoping for. Thanks again for everything.

Harold D

I hired Ryan after getting two drug DUI’s within a short period of time. Ryan and his office staff were very knowledgeable of the law and very helpful. Although there could have been a much worse outcome Ryan was able to work two very good plea deals.

Kyle G

I’ve had the great pleasure of working directly with Ryan and David. They were both brilliant from beginning to end. I couldn’t ask for more personal care and expertise in criminal defense. If you’ve been charged with a crime, Grand Canyon Law Group is the partner you need to protect and defend your rights. I highly recommend this law firm for any type of criminal matter. Thank you!

Andrew T

Trust. Attention to detail. Responsiveness. Honesty. These are some of the things I experienced with David Lish and Grand Canyon Law. The things that you are going through right now can be life changing and who you select to represent you will make all the difference in your outcome. David gave me personal service, something lacking with the other law firms out there. He took the time to meet with me in person and responded to all my calls in a quick and timely manner. The difference in my case came down to the person I had representing me, without David I would have been just another number. David was able to resolve my case in a positive manner with the best possible outcome. I was facing some serious charges and he got them resolved to where the impact on my life was minimal. Do yourself a favor and put your trust in the hands of someone who will be there with you all the way and then some. Choose Grand Canyon Law. I did, and it made all the difference. Good luck!

Anthony S

Honest and the hardworking team that helped me with a situation involving my daughter. Highly recommended.

Jared F

My experience with Ryan and the team could not be more highly rated/recommended. Ryan used a very professional but also personable attitude throughout the whole process and was very open and honest throughout. The outcome was better than I hoped even in a best case scenario. Through such a stressful time, I am so happy I had Ryan on my side.

Tanner J

Grand Canyon law has done nothing but make me feel apart of their family. They have always kept me updated with any news or information. Ryan and Stephanie have made my entire legal process feel like a breeze. Keeping me up to date with certain things and always reaching out to me when I have needed. No matter the time of day, they are all quick to respond with great reassurance. While at the same time keeping me on my toes to uphold anything I need to do on my part. Overall such a welcoming and loving group to be working with. They are all here to help with setting people in the right path!

Cierra P

The whole team at Grand Canyon Law Group is awesome! Thank you for your representation!


This past year I found myself in a difficult position and had to find a lawyer. I am so beyond grateful that I found David and this firm. From the moment I spoke with David and Ryan I had an immediate feeling that this would be the right choice. David worked with me to find the best possible resolution consistently throughout this case and kept me updated with anything and everything. Regardless of how my case would have turned out, I would have been happy that I made the choice to hire him. With David’s hard work, my case had the best outcome and I couldn’t be happier. He was very kind to me and helped me understand the process by explaining anything I was unsure of. He offered great advice and really had my best interests at heart the whole way through. I highly recommend him and this team, it was by far my best decision. Thank you to the whole team and especially David for all of your efforts.

Sarah H

Honest to god these guys care. Ryan has been and was a huge help in understanding how to navigate the situation. He went this private route because he likes knowing he and his team can have the ball in their hands and run with it, incredibly impressed with the level of communication and professionalism shown to me 100% of the time. When you’re on Ryan’s team you will feel that you are on the winning team. Reassuring on information given, never lead astray, he always let me know what’s happening, what could happen and what he would do to combat it. His whole team goes the extra mile to ensure you the best result. As far as I’m concerned I’ve found myself the best man and the best team for any future representation. Thank you guys.

Joshua J

Quickly responded to my situation in a very professional manner. Using their expertise, they got my case dismissed.

Dennis A

My experience with Grand Canyon Law Group was beyond expectations. My Lawyer who represented me exceeded the assignment. He was professional and knowledgeable.

Vanessa G

Very professional and competent group. From the lawyers to their paralegals. Dealing with court is extremely stressful and I greatly appreciated how they handled my case and walked me through every step. They kept me updated on where my case was at and were clear about what they needed from me to do the best possible job for me. Cases can go on for months and it is such a relief knowing they are doing their best for you the entire time. They don’t take your money and do the bare minimum, leaving you to do all the work on your case, like my previous lawyer.

Pat O

I recently hired GCLG to defend me. I have nothing but positive feedback. David and Ryan were extremely professional and seemed to genuinely care about my case. Their office was always responsive whenever I had a question and they kept me up to date every step of the way. Recently, they have even served me with my case after adjudication, when I am pretty sure they didn’t have to. I would recommend this law group, especially David and Ryan, to anyone who is facing legal troubles.


Highly recommend David and his law group. He helped me stay out of prison and continue on supporting my family. He Fought for me very diligently In my case, And I could not be happier with the results thank you David! I thank you and my family. Thank you God bless!

Joaquin G

I just accepted an offer from Ryan Mcphie and his staff to help me with my criminal case. I was surprised to see they were willing to work with me financially. I feel blessed and have complete faith in them that they will succeed in my case and i will post the details after my case is resolved.


Mr Lish was professional and empathetic with me during my case. He was always available to answer questions and educated me every step of the way. My case turned out with a favorable outcome, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Jerry M

I cannot being to say how grateful I am for this firm. I was facing some pretty heavy charges that were threatening to turn my life and the progress I had been making upside-down. However, David and Ryan were able to get be a result beyond all of my expectation and had my case dismissed! I can’t recommend this firm and its staff enough!

Kenny V

I chose to use Ryan McPhie for my criminal case because of his former experience as a Deputy County Attorney, and I am glad I did. Ryan’s knowledge and expertise in criminal law led to negotiating a fair deal in my case. Ryan patiently explained the entire criminal court process to me, answered all my questions, and helped lower my anxiety about the process by standing confidently with me throughout my case. Ryan was there when I needed him. I recommend McPhie Law.

James C

Ryan and Amanda were great. After being wrongfully arrested for a DUI while on vacation in Arizona, I didn’t know where to turn. Both Ryan and Amanda believed my story and didn’t assume the AZDPS officer was truthful/honest and I wasn’t. That gave me confidence that my case would eventually be thrown out. After the blood work came back negative and I was cleared from the wrongful arrest I still had a hearing for my potential license suspension that was pushed through due to lack of training on the AZDPS officers part. Ryan represented me perfectly and made sure no accidental/intentional suspension was pushed forward by the AZ DPS officer or department. And at my hearing, Ryan made sure the judge didn’t just state I was cleared because officer didn’t show, Ryan made sure the judge read through my entire report and all tests including all my blood work/results, and had the judge add those results to my report; therefore, that will now completely clear my name at the CA DMV and AZ MVD. I’d suggest anyone looking for someone to assist you in time of need and help with whatever legal trouble you might be in, guilty or not guilty, Ryan and Amanda at the Grand Canyon Law Group are professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable and it is a great place to go to make sure your rights are secured and Law is followed. Thanks Ryan and Amanda.

Jason B

Unfortunately, I got into a bit of a mess with the law. Fortunately, I had David Lish of Grand Canyon Law Group on the case and on my side. Phone calls: answered. Emails: Answered. David’s strategic approach to my case resulted in the charges being dropped. What a relief! I know that in life you need a good plumber and a good lawyer. David is my lawyer.

Brigham B

I was facing some serious charges and was very scared, I had no one to turn to. I was first given Ryan’s number it was after hours I figured I would leave a message but he answered he listened to my whole story and made me feel like everything would be ok. By that next day he was already gathering evidence. Unfortunately covid hit and my case kept getting pushed back but anytime I needed something he answered or if I sent a email it was answered with in a few minutes. Ryan joined with David at some point during my case. The first time I spoke with David he new everything about my case I didn’t have to fill him in on anything. For the duration of my case David had my back every step of the way. I calling him every time I had a question or confused about something an he always answered, I was never pushed off to office staff to take questions of play muddle man I always talked to David directly. If it wasn’t for David and Ryan I dont know what would have happened. Now that my case is over an no jail time when I was facing 12 years or more. Ryan and David have still been there for me when I have questions even though they are no longer my attorneys. Dont waste your time on other attorneys that you are just another number. Choose a lawyer that truly cares and will do anything an everything they can to fight for you. I am beyond grateful that I found them.


You never hope to need a lawyer for certain things but when everything was falling apart and I felt like I was hopeless, Ryan and everyone at grand canyon law group really made all the difference in the world. From day 1 and throughout the case, Ryan made sure to communicate our goal and gave me everything I needed to make sure we had the best possible outcome. Thank you so much for your outstanding work

Galeb A

Couldn’t be happier with my choice of representation! This team is amazing, very responsive and work hard to fight for you! My case was a very difficult one and they got it dismissed! This office will always be my only recommendation to anyone who is looking for legal help. I was very nervous and unsure of process but this team would always remind me they have my back and they absolutely did!

Kristine H

I’ve never in my life have been in trouble with the law and accused of something I didn’t do. Then having to get a lawyer, pay for one and just be totally lost all in one. I spoke with Ryan and he was very knowledgeable. Yes I spoke to his legal team, but he personally always responded to me. I’m so grateful that my case got dismissed!!! The process was long and challenging, but Ryan was there answering question and guiding me along the way! I’m so thankful that I found him and went with him!! I highly recommend his firm! Professional and compassionate! Thank you Ryan!!

Babette S

David, Ryan, Amanda and the rest of the Grand Canyon Law Group are fantastic and I am glad I was referred to their Law Group. During a rough time in my life, they gave me piece of mind. From the initial inquiry to the end of my case, I was met with great professionalism, honesty and felt like they actually cared about how to help me rather than being just another case number to collect a check. Not only did they predict a lower sentence and better outcome that I could have received, David Lish was able to make a last minute adjustment to my plea deal, making for an even better outcome. I really appreciate them going above and beyond for me and always being available to answer any questions I had during my case (via email or phone). I hope to never need their services again, however, if ever needed, I will definitely be reaching back out.

Anthony Orozco

A huge thanks to David Lish and your assistant Amanda from our first phone call to the final solution, you put me at ease each step of the way. You made me aware of the entire process and very quickly had it resolved. Your advice was invaluable. I am very appreciative you were able to get my DUI charges reduced to a wet reckless and my DMV record cleared so that I still have full driving privileges and my real license. I am also grateful you appeared in court for me and I did not have the burden or stress of having to attend any court hearings. Your professional advice and services are superlative. I am sure I will recommend you to anyone I know and highly recommend you to those I don’t know! Thanks again and again.

Bow C

I had no idea or clue about criminal court or family court until I was forced to defend myself in superior court because of false accusations brought against me. I was scared an afraid. I didn’t know what to do! I was facing time in prison for something I would never do and was on the verge of my life being changed forever! So I started looking for a lawyer even though I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to afford one or find someone who would really help. Then I found Mr Ryan McPhie. He even reached out to me and asked me about everything I was dealing with and he graciously took my case. It was a long, complicated, and drug out process and it just seemed like it would never end. Ryan an his team were awesome the whole time! They made me feel that everything was under control an with his experience and professionalism, Ryan destroyed those false accusations and got my case dismissed!!! He treated me like one of his brothers! … Something I’ll never forget. He really went out of his way to help me and I could never be so thankful enough for what he did for me! He saved my life! There are good people out there helping others and Ryan is one of them! Thank you so much Ryan!


This legal case was a very stressful situation for our family at an already very difficult time and we needed as much help as we could get. Grand Canyon Law was recommended by a very close friend and from the moment I first called to the close of the case (in our favor might I add) I felt all of that stress lifted off of our shoulders. I never imagined we would we would be able to hand this case over and be as hands off as we were. David and the team were incredibly professional and patient and went above and beyond to help us. I know without a doubt that this case wouldn’t have ended as well as it did without Grand Canyon Law. I’ll be forever grateful to the team for everything they did!

Kyra C

Ryan Mcphie and his team of expert lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group will fight for you. They navigated me through the legalities of my case and through the court system. They fought for me and they will for you. I highly recommend Ryan and his team to represent you through the sometimes chaotic process of the legal system.

Justin M

I reached out to this office on a Saturday in regards to filing a motion to Scottsdale City court. By Tuesday the motion was filed and submitted. A week later the motion was granted by a judge. The office was fast, responsive, and professional. I highly recommend this office to anyone in search of quality representation in many legal matters. Five stars!

Luiz D

I had great experience with this Law Group. They are very professional and transparent. I’m Grateful for a great outcome regarding my case. If you are looking for transparency and professionalism regarding your situation you’ll be in the right hands with this law group. They work hard to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Thanks again.

Blandin N

I contacted Ryan and David to handle a case for me in Apache Junction. I reside clear across on the East Coast of the US. They did not hesitate to set my mind at ease and ensure that our outcome would be a fair and just one. Excellent communication from both Ryan and David. I would HIGHLY suggest hiring this firm for all of your legal needs. They have done so much to help give me some peace of mind.

Eric C

I knew I had a winning team on my side throughout my DUI troubles. These folks took very good care of the fine details from when I first walked through the door up to the end of my case. I cannot thank them enough for how much they helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. Ryan was very informative, Amanda was on top of things, and David was extremely professional. Again, I cannot believe how well they handled my case. There’s absolutely NO DOUBT when it comes to getting the best results from these folks. Trust them, they’ll handle it in the best way possible! Also, they are worth every penny. If money is a factor in your decision making, you know you’ll have a top notch team on your side! Overall, I give them a 5-star rating and an Excellent Defense Award! 😊💯

Zenus Y

Between Ryan and David, their assistance in getting my case resolved has been outstanding. I could not have asked for better service. In times of a stressful situation they eased my mind knowing they were going above and beyond. Ryan was able to have my case dismissed, which we were hoping for. In my situation this would have had a huge impact of my life and the fact that he was able to get me this resolution was incredible. I was in fear of my career and reputation going forward, once I had contacted this group I knew I was making the right decision. At no point did I feel they were more interested in my money than helping me. As I was interviewing other law firms I got this impression that I was going to be putting down a great amount of money and they didn’t seem as certain of getting my case resolved. I also felt like these other firms were intimidating and I did not feel they were trustworthy. Ryan and David have been more than affordable and very flexible. They both kept me in the loop and explained everything to where I felt comfortable. David also handled another part of my case and put in as much effort. He made sure that all my vases were covered when submitting information and was able to keep me updated on the process. Again, I cannot speak of anything but excellence from this law group and would recommend them to anyone needed legal assistance. They are incredible and I am so happy I chose them to represent me!

Madi J

I’m truly grateful for David Lish & his entire team! They are all very welcoming, and friendly. If I ever had questions they were very informative. The consultation for my DUI, They helped me understand the process and really listened to me.
My outcome was amazing! My DUI was dismissed! I couldn’t be more thankful!
Thank you.

Kyndra F

I did plenty of research and wasted so much time looking for the right lawyer. When I finally came across Grand Canyon Law Group, I had the pleasure of speaking to Ryan. From my initial conversation with Ryan , I immediately felt solace. Ryan gave me hope in my case , when every other lawyer I had consulted with told me to “just pay the ticket and move on with my life”.

Ryan was so smart in the way he handled my matter. Him and his team were very professional and handled my case so well. I received updates on everything almost instantly.

I felt very confident with this team from the beginning. Today I received the best news ever , my case was DISMISSED. I never even had to appear in court because the team handled everything. Thank you so much to Grand Canyon Law Group and especially Ryan. I couldn’t have done it without their help. Don’t waste your time looking for a lawyer, make your life easier and choose this firm. So thankful for them.

Rutaba A

I called Ryan after I was pulled over for driving with my high lights on. While the officer’s were questioning me they got the smell of alcohol so they started accusing me of a DUI. I was detained and taken to the police station so they could withdraw some blood so they can test then I was released. When I called Ryan and spoke with him and explained everything that happened that night when I got pulled over right away he seemed positive that this was a very weak case against me. I had talked to many other attorneys before I came upon Ryan, and nun of them sounded as sure as the way Ryan did. They all wanted to get the charges down to an aggressive driving charge. But Ryan seemed sure that he could get it all dismissed. I explained to him that I was very tight on money and he was able to work with me to come up with a payment plan that worked for both of us. It only took Ryan one court date to get it all settled. He got them to dismissed all the charges against me. I was extremely satisfied with everything he did for me and all the help he gave me. I would gladly recommend Ryan to anyone. I am very thankful for all that he did.


Ryan was absolutely fantastic! Whenever I met with him, I felt as though I was meeting him as a friend, rather than as a client. He explained everything to me in simple terms and made it all so easy. I would recommend him to anyone, as he was recommended to me. He helped me through my criminal speeding case and I was able to get off with the most minimal of punishments. If I ever needed a lawyer again, he would be the first I went to, if even for a recommendation. He knew exactly what he was talking about; I would trust him with anything.

Former C

Very happy with Grand Canyon Law Group. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

Andrew D

I was not charged with a crime, but sure thought I was going to be. I called Ryan and within minutes of speaking to him over the phone, he made me realize that he was there for me. After following his instructions, I was released of any potential issues. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. He was professional, sincere, honest, and most of all, dependable. I hopefully won’t have to but will contact Ryan again if I need any help.


Ryan McPhie was very responsive to our calls. He helped us by filing a motion with the court explaining our side of the story and he got our case dismissed when we showed up for the hearing that came out of it. Ryan’s reputation with the court came through for us big time. We appreciate his help!


Ryan represented me on a criminal case where I was charged for something that was not accurately reflective of the situation. I live in a city where the police are quite overzealous and have a reputation for exacerbating circumstances beyond what the normal response should be. I felt strongly that I did not commit a crime, and Ryan took that to heart, heard my position and then fought for it. It would have been easy to settle for a plea bargain, but Ryan really fought for me, articulated the facts to the district attorney and ultimately was able to get the charges dropped. I could not have wished for a better outcome. I highly recommend his services.

Satisfied C

Ryan was a true professional in handling my case from the first consultation to the successful ending of my case. He knew the system, had the right connections, communicated all the steps of the process clearly, and most of all, his manner was a comfort to me and my family during a time of duress. Notably, Ryan was always available to me. He answered my calls and texts and emails in a very timely manner. There is nothing worse than being a stressful moment and not being able to talk to your lawyer. I would highly recommend Grand Canyon Law Group.


I contacted Ryan after I was involved in a hit an run case. Ryan gave me all the realistic outcomes and was there thru the process to help me stay on the right side of the law. The only time I stepped in the courtroom was the day I put in a very plee deal which was incredibly beneficial to me. Ryan worked with the prosecutor and was able to get me the best possible outcome. The thing that really stood out was the level of communication that Ryan had, I was always able to get ahold of him directly. Thank you Ryan”

Satisfied C

No one wants to hire an attorney, but the way Ryan handled my case with compassion for me, yet knew how to negotiate with confidence to get my case down to the minimum, was a nice feeling… He helped me understand what I would be going through in Court and in my case. He never did make me feel like I was put on the back burner he always got back with me,ASAP if it was through text, email, or a call, He treated me as a friend, even though I knew I did wrong he always told me I might have made the wrong decision, but I wasn’t a bad person. If I ever need to be represented again I would call Grand Canyon Law Group…. Very experienced, energetic, friendly man, would recommend him to anyone. Thank you again, Ryan!

Angela S

Ryan McPhie was a great decision for representation. My case became a strategic back-and-forth with the prosecutor which I could not have navigated favorably without Ryan. He was professional and personal the entire way through. I was facing two charges and with Ryan’s help and persistence, we were able to negotiate a plea that involved a diversion program that, once complete, will yield no charges.


While I was searching for a DUI lawyer, I spoke to several regarding my case. Most of them seemed either bored like they were forced to take my call, or didn’t seem too confident in their own work or in my case. I finally came across Grand Canyon Law Group and right then, he was very energetic, confident, actually listened very well and treated me more as if he was talking to a buddy rather than just a client. He was very knowledgeable and straight forward. Being that I was tight on the financial side, we was very fair in working out a payment plan. After I had blew a .185, I thought for sure I was done for. Ryan stepped up, was able to get my suspension voided at the DMV hearing and was able to get my case pled down to impaired to the slightest degree. He was very quick to respond when I would reach out to him and he knew how to make you relax and not stress too much about the case while he was fighting to fix it. He attended all if the hearings so that I could keep working and not have to take time off. He was very professional, confident, and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend Mcphie Law to anyone and I would definitely use him again in a heartbeat if needed. Thank you, Ryan, you saved my job and allowed me to continue living my life with the least amount of punishment possible. 5 stars across the board.

Satisfied Client

If you need a criminal defense lawyer in AZ, Ryan McPhie is the one to call. Throughout the whole process, Ryan was personally involved, timely in his communication with us, and most of all successful in getting a DUI charge reduced to Reckless Driving — a HUGE accomplishment. He and his staff made us feel as if we were his only client. His dedication to a favorable outcome never waivered. He spoke to us in understandable terms, whether the information was good or bad. His knowledge of the laws and judicial practices in AZ was outstanding. I highly recommend Ryan McPhie with no hesitation whatsoever.


Wish I could provide higher than a “five star” rating!! Hard working, kind, decent and able to produce results… I couldn’t possibly have found a better attorney!!