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Grand Canyon Law Group’s Safe and Smart Arizona Act Infographic

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Safe and Smart Arizona Act

Learn what proposition 207 means for marijuana-related crimes from the attorneys at Grand Canyon law Group. learn more at

What is proposition 207?

  • Arizona is the 13th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults over 21.
  • Arizona Proposition 207 was a voted initiative to appear on the 2020 ballot. It passed with 60% of the votes.
  • The law will allow adults over 21 to legally to use, grow, and possess marijuana with certain restrictions. The Law will also amend criminal penalties for marijuana possession.

What are your Rights?

  • Beginning on July 12, 2021, people convicted previously of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana or six or fewer plants or paraphernalia can petition to have the record expunged.
  • Marijuana use in public is now a petty offense and is no longer considered a felony.
  • Minors caught with less than one ounce of marijuana will receive up to a $100 fine and be required to attend Drug counseling. A third offense is a class 1 misdemeanor.

Medical vs. recreational use?

  • There is no age limit to receive a prescription for medical marijuana but To legally use recreational marijuana you must be 21.
  • All public use is illegal. Should anyone have more marijuana on them than they are allowed to, they may be Charged of a petty offense.
  • Medical marijuana patients can purchase up to two and a half ounces every two weeks. Recreational users can only buy one ounce during a transaction at a marijuana dispensary.
  • Dispensaries must receive a recreational marijuana dispensary license to legally sell recreationally.

F.A.Q s

While there is not a set price for recreational marijuana at dispensaries, medical marijuana prices should not change much. It’s predicted that recreational marijuana will be expensive.

Employers have the right to maintain a drug and alcohol free workplace however there are some protections for medical marijuana patients. For those who use recreationally, there is no protection.

Lawmakers have until April 5, 2021 to establish new regulations for this law.

Still curious what the law means for your rights? talk to knowledgeable attorneys at to understand how The Safe and Smart Arizona Act will impact you.

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