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The consumption, production, and distribution of child pornography are illegal in the state of Arizona. Any level of interaction with this kind of content can result in serious consequences, including significant prison time and legal fines.

If you or a loved one are facing charges of child pornography, you need a strong defense attorney on your side. An Arizona child pornography lawyer can provide counsel and ensure that your rights are protected. The skilled legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group is ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a free confidential consultation.


Arizona Revised Statute §13-3553 states that the possession, recording, filming, photographing, developing, duplicating, transporting, or distribution, of any content considered child pornography is illegal. Under this statute, all of these actions are considered to be Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.

When it comes to addressing the legal implications of child pornography in court, the breadth of the revised statute has benefits and downsides. On the one hand, parties who accidentally interacted with child pornography may unfortunately face severe sentencing for their mistake. On the other, when prosecuting one of these cases, the State must prove that the defendant knowingly engaged with the content in question, regardless of their alleged role or relationship to the child pornography.

Parties who were unaware of the nature of items they sold, developed, duplicated, or otherwise interacted with, may use this lack of knowledge as a defense in court. A skilled Arizona attorney that understands the relevant child pornography laws can help an accused put together a strong defense.


Child pornography convictions carry serious consequences under state law. As noted by Arizona Revised Statute §13-705, Sexual Exploitation of a Minor is considered a Class 2 Felony, even if the act was not completed. A completed offense is considered a Class 1 Felony. This means a person convicted of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor can face anywhere from 2.5 to 24 years in prison, with the sentence varying based on the level of involvement the accused had with the pornography.

An attorney experienced in the area of child pornography can help an individual face these charges and build the best defense to mitigate the potential consequences resulting from a conviction.


If you have been accused of consuming, producing, or otherwise engaging with child pornography, you risk facing significant penalties under Arizona state law. Charges of Child Prostitution are often unfounded or retaliatory in nature and can be contested. An Arizona child pornography lawyer can help you contest the charges against you and challenge the prosecution’s grounds for bringing the case against you.

Do not let accusations of child pornography ruin your life. Our team of former prosecutors have the experience needed to put together an effective and aggressive defense. Call today to discuss your case with a dedicated professional at Grand Canyon Law Group.

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