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Mesa Public Urination Attorney

Although it might seem harmless to urinate in a secluded, dark area, some cities in Arizona consider public urination a crime. If a police officer sees you violating the public urination laws, you can receive a citation. This should not be taken lightly, as you are being charged with a criminal offense.

If you have been charged with urinating in public, turn to Grand Canyon Law Group. Our Mesa public urination lawyers know how to effectively investigate your case and present your side of the story to a judge to try to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.


Under Arizona law, urinating in public is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor. Those convicted of public urination could face several potential consequences, including:

  • A $150 minimum fine
  • A maximum prison sentence of 6 months
  • Restitution for cleanup costs incurred by the city
  • Community service
  • A conviction on your criminal record

The City of Scottsdale, in particular, is very aggressive in their enforcement of this law. In many cases, the police sit on back roads, in alleyways, or throughout the downtown area on bikes in search of those who are violating public urination laws. The attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are prepared to provide you with the defense you need for public urination charges.


If you have been given a citation for urinating in public, you can fight your charges. In many cases, there is insufficient or incomplete evidence to prove that an accused individual is guilty. It is crucial to know what evidence the police and prosecution team have against you. Our Mesa public urination attorneys can perform a thorough investigation to find out. Once we understand what you are up against, we can formulate a strong defense plan to take your case to trial.


Building your defense starts by contacting our Mesa public urination lawyers. Having handled well over a thousand criminal defense cases, the legal professionals at Grand Canyon Law Group have the knowledge and experience to advocate on your behalf. We can fight for your rights, strive to have your charges dismissed, and work to keep your criminal record clean. Get in touch with our office today to get started on your case.

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