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Phoenix Probation Violation Attorney

For some people who have faced a criminal charge, probation may be a welcome relief. You can continue most of your normal routine rather than spend time in jail. However, there are probationary conditions that must be met, and allegations of violating probation can lead to serious penalties.

If you are accused of a violation, you should seek immediate assistance from a skilled attorney. Regardless of the circumstances, a Phoenix probation violation lawyer at the Grand Canyon Law Group can help you navigate this situation and protect your rights.


Courts may order probation after someone is convicted for a crime. Probation comes with certain terms and conditions that a convicted person must follow. Violating probationary terms could lead to jail time associated with the initial crime.

Judges are allowed to give probation and restitution to someone who is found guilty of a crime, as outlined in Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-901. There are various assessments of probationary periods depending on what the original charge included.


Common probationary conditions may include the following:

  • Giving up any firearms owned
  • Paying a fine or restitution
  • Performing community service
  • Regularly visiting with probation officers
  • Limits on who one may have contact with during probation

As outlined in Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-902, the length of a probationary period can vary depending on the underlying crime. The last thing a convicted person would want to do is find themselves in violation of these conditions and face jail time. If a person is accused of a probation violation, they should contact a skilled attorney who understands the legal system in Phoenix as soon as possible.


When a person receives probation, their probation officer will explain their obligations. Regardless of how well someone attempts to adhere to these requirements, there are various scenarios that could lead to accusations of a violation. For example, a probationer could forget about a scheduled visit with their probation officer. In many cases, the probation officer may not report such an instance if the probationer has generally been good about keeping up with their required check-ins.

However, there are other alleged violations that can have serious consequences, such as possession of a weapon, failure of a drug test, not attending a court-ordered counseling session, failure to make a payment towards a fine, or committal of another crime. In these situations, the probation officer may notify the person of their violation at the time of their visit, or they may be served a notification. There is also a chance these notifications may be bypassed, and an arrest warrant may be issued and executed. Upon notification or arrest, a person accused of violating probation should immediately contact a nearby attorney for legal counsel.


Probation violations must be taken seriously. If someone has been notified that they are being accused of a violation, contacting a Phoenix probation violation lawyer as soon as possible is critical to the outcome of their case.

The consequences of a probation violation can be severe. Someone who violates probation will have to return to court to defend themselves. Following the hearing, the judge may allow them to resume the initial terms of their probation, or they may revoke the probation and sentence the person to serve out the sentence associated with the original crime.

Before that hearing takes place, a probationer should consult with a seasoned attorney at our Phoenix office. In some cases, a lawyer can work with the probation officer before the hearing and help get the violation expunged.


If you are accused of failing to meet your probationary terms, your first step should be to contact an attorney. Work with a legal professional who understands the charges and penalties you face. A Phoenix probation violation lawyer could evaluate your situation and develop a strategy to protect your rights, freedom, and way of life. Contact the Grand Canyon Law Group today for a consultation on your circumstances.

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