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Phoenix Possession Of Firearms Attorney

If accused of illegally possessing a weapon in Arizona, you could face significant penalties, including months to years in prison and steep fines. Even a misdemeanor conviction will create a permanent criminal record that can affect every aspect of your life. In these situations, you need dedicated legal counsel to help you fight back.

An attorney could work tirelessly to help you avoid the harsh penalties associated with possession of firearms in Phoenix. Whether negotiating with prosecutors, seeking a reduction of the charges against you, or pursuing a case dismissal, Grand Canyon Law Group will do what it takes to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf.


There are many circumstances where the possession of firearms is legal in Phoenix. Individuals 18 years or older can buy a firearm through a private party without undergoing a background check, completing a waiting period, or obtaining a permit or license. If the firearm purchase is made through a federally licensed seller, this entity will conduct a background check as per federal law, and the individual buying the gun must be at least 21 years old. However, there is still no permit or license required.

Permitless open carry is allowed for individuals 18 and up. For concealed carry of a legal firearm, the individual must be 21 years old. Neither open carry nor concealed carry permits are required in the state of Arizona. Except for guns explicitly forbidden by state law, such as specific types of assault weapons and sawed-off weapons, Arizona allows its residents to purchase and carry a wide variety of guns, including many types of pistols, handguns, and rifles. Our knowledgeable Phoenix attorneys can further explain the laws regarding firearm possession and carry.


Various circumstances can lead to illegal gun possession charges. A person could face charges related to the unlawful possession of a firearm if they are under 18, have previously been convicted of a felony, possess an illegal firearm, or possess a firearm in an area forbidden by state law, such as a school.

Firearm possession within the context of committing a crime can also lead to severe legal penalties. For example, when a felon is found in possession of a firearm, or someone possesses a firearm while allegedly committing a crime, they can be charged with a class 4 felony categorized as a dangerous offense. A class 4 felony classified as a dangerous offense can carry a prison term of four to eight years for the first offense and 8 to 12 years for the second.


If you are a gun owner in Phoenix, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities. This applies to ownership and transportation of weapons as well as ammunition. Traveling with ammunition in Phoenix is generally legal as long as you can legally carry a firearm.

Of course, there are exceptions to be aware of depending on your location. These exceptions could result in criminal charges with serious consequences.


Generally, gun owners have the right to carry ammunition in their vehicles if they are legally allowed to have a weapon. Because Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state, there are few limitations when it comes to adults carrying weapons in their personal vehicles. Ammunition can be stored in the car or carried openly alongside a weapon.

However, the law is different for anyone under 21 years of age. Someone aged 18 to 20 can carry a weapon in their vehicle either openly or stored securely in a holster or glove compartment. Ammunition may also be stored this way, as our Phoenix lawyers can explain.

There is no requirement for a person legally carrying a firearm or ammunition in their vehicle to inform police during a traffic stop. That said, it is a good safety precaution to make the police aware of any weapons or ammunition in the vehicle. It is also unlawful to lie to police about having ammunition in your vehicle, even if you have the right to carry it.


Unsurprisingly, there are strict limitations on flying with firearms or ammunition. Weapons and ammunition are always banned beyond security checkpoints. Approaching a security checkpoint with a loaded weapon is a serious criminal offense.

However, there are ways to travel by air with firearms and ammunition in tow. The weapons and ammunition must be stored separately in checked baggage, and travelers must declare these items at the ticket counter as they check in their luggage.


There are additional exceptions to the right to carry ammunition when loaded into a firearm. For example, many public places ban firearms entirely. Carrying a loaded weapon into the fenced parking lot of a business that bans weapons could result in a criminal charge. The same is true for bringing a loaded weapon to a school.

Gun owners should also be aware of the federal laws that apply when leaving Arizona. Federal law requires drivers crossing state lines to remove ammunition from their firearms. This ammunition should be stored out of reach of the driver. Our experienced local attorneys can answer further questions about traveling with ammo in and out of the state and help gun owners understand their rights.

As a legal gun owner in Arizona, you have certain rights to travel with firearms and ammunition within the state. That said, you should know the limitations on these rights to avoid criminal charges. While traveling with ammunition in Phoenix is generally legal, having it on school grounds or at an airport security checkpoint can lead to serious consequences.


The criminal justice system is known for its complexity. The laws surrounding a gun charge can be confusing, making it essential to secure legal counsel from an experienced attorney. A lawyer understands the laws and their implications and can build an effective defense to protect your way of life.

If you are charged with the illegal possession of firearms in Phoenix, do not wait to speak with an attorney. Grand Canyon Law Group is prepared to guide you through the legal process and will handle your case with the utmost attention, care, and respect. To arrange a consultation, contact our office today.

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