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Phoenix Rights Restoration Attorney

After a felony conviction, you may have lost various civil rights, including the right to carry a weapon, vote, and serve on a jury. Some rights can be automatically restored after a first conviction, while others may require filings in court with the assistance of a diligent attorney.

At the Grand Canyon Law Group, we are dedicated to helping you get your rights back and move forward with your life. Speak with a Phoenix rights restoration lawyer today to discuss your situation and get the support you need.


A felony conviction can lead to the loss of various rights, including:

  • The right to own a firearm
  • The right to serve on a jury
  • The right to hold certain jobs
  • The right to obtain certain licenses
  • The right to vote
  • The right to hold public office

A person may have been convicted for one or multiple offenses that have stripped them of these civil rights. After serving out the terms of their sentence, a convicted individual deserves to have their rights restored to them so that they can return to a normal way of living. This process often requires specific legal steps that are best handled by a skilled Phoenix rights restoration attorney.


In most cases, an individual who was convicted of only one felony will have their rights restored automatically after they have finished their sentence and probation. This requires an absolute discharge of any supervision, but these rights are supposed to come back automatically. However, this is not always the case, and accomplishing full restoration of rights may still require filing a motion.

Any person who was convicted of two or more felonies must file an application to have their rights restored. This petition seeks to have the conviction set aside to restore a person’s civil and gun rights. However, the court has discretion about whether to set aside this conviction. A court may also choose to restore certain rights, but not others. In these scenarios, an experienced lawyer at our firm could advise a person on getting their conviction set aside and restoring their rights.


Seeking the restoration of gun rights is often more difficult than restoring other civil rights. Some offenses will not permit gun rights to be reinstated, such as certain violent offenses or crimes against children. As such, it is important for a person seeking restoration to work with the right attorney.

The petition process is difficult and requires significant legal knowledgeable to navigate the many complexities. The prosecutor is entitled to notice of the petition, as is the victim of the crime. Either or both may challenge a person’s petition to restore their gun rights. Anyone petitioning for rights restoration in Phoenix needs legal representation of their own to increase their chances of a successful outcome.


After you have served out your criminal sentence, you will likely want to return to normalcy as quickly as possible. However, you may still face the loss of various rights, which can hinder you in many ways.

Reach out to a Phoenix rights restoration lawyer to advise you throughout the legal process of getting back your civil liberties. The diligent team at the Grand Canyon Law Group can handle the difficult paperwork and petitions on your behalf and advise you throughout the legal proceedings. Call our firm today to set up a consultation about your case.

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