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Phoenix Traffic Ticket Attorney

To many, it may seem like an overreaction to take a traffic ticket to court, especially if you have a clean driving record and the financial wherewithal to pay the fines associated with the offense. In certain situations, though, challenging this kind of a citation can be crucial to preserving your future prospects and potentially even to keeping your license.

Before merely accepting the hefty sanctions that come with a traffic ticket, it may be worth discussing your legal options with a knowledgeable defense attorney. Whether this is your first ticket ever or you have been in traffic court before, working with a Phoenix traffic lawyer could give you much higher chances of resolving your case with minimal long-term repercussions.


Being ticketed for and convicted of a moving violation in Arizona will almost always result in “points” being added to one’s license. Most minor breaches of traffic law like changing lanes without signaling, failure to yield, and HOV lane violations are two-point offenses, while speeding tickets and offenses related to improper use of gore areas on highways are three points. More serious offenses like DUI and reckless driving can result in as many as eight points being added to a convicted driver’s license, as well as additional criminal sanctions that may include probation or jail time.

Anyone in Phoenix who obtains eight points on their license or more within a single period of 12 consecutive months may be subject to a maximum 12-month license suspension and/or mandatory Traffic Survival School attendance. Furthermore, certain offenses may result in a driver’s license being permanently revoked, including:

  • Aggravated DUI
  • Commission of any felony using a motor vehicle
  • Failure to stop and render aid after involvement in a traffic collision
  • Two or more convictions for reckless driving
  • Racing on highways

Finally, it is worth noting that driving with a suspended or revoked license can result in a defendant’s vehicle being impounded for up to 30 days. A Phoenix attorney can go into specific detail about what sanctions a particular traffic offense may result in during a confidential consultation.


It is crucial to recognize that paying the fine listed on a traffic ticket in Arizona is the equivalent of pleading guilty to that offense in court. Anyone in Phoenix who wants to contest their ticket must appear in court on the date shown on their ticket and plead “not guilty,” or have their traffic lawyer do so on their behalf.

In the court hearing that will follow this initial plea of not guilty, the support of an experienced attorney can be crucial in presenting countering arguments to the evidence and testimony submitted by the arresting officer or agency. Going without professional representation can significantly increase the odds of a guilty verdict in traffic court, which could carry additional penalties and costs that would not have applied if the defendant had merely paid the fine for their ticket.


It is possible to successfully fight traffic tickets in many situations, and it can be important to do so if you have other traffic convictions on your record. However, you should think twice before trying to represent yourself in court, since even a single mistake could have dire consequences on your future freedoms.

A dedicated attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group can be the ally you need to effectively present your case. Call today to discuss your options with a Phoenix traffic lawyer.

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