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A misdemeanor on your permanent criminal record is less severe than a felony, but any criminal conviction can negatively affect your life and future. A common misconception is that a misdemeanor offense, especially a first one, is more of an inconvenience than a serious legal matter.

However, criminal conviction could cause you many problems with getting alternative employment, student loans, or renting a home. Any time you submit to a company running a background check, they may see the conviction. If you face charges again in the future, they will be more severe because of the prior misdemeanor. Contact a Phoenix misdemeanor lawyer for more information. At the Grand Canyon Law Group, our dedicated defense attorneys can strategize the right defense to combat the charges.


A vast range of scenarios could lead to an arrest and misdemeanor conviction on the individual’s permanent criminal record. A misdemeanor charge is often a person’s first experience dealing with the criminal justice system.

It can be challenging to understand the potential outcomes of a misdemeanor without a legal background. A knowledgeable local attorney could help navigate the criminal court process for misdemeanors. Some of the common types of these charges include:

A skilled attorney at our firm can investigate the arrest and available evidence in a particular case. The misdemeanor lawyers at our Phoenix office can help determine the best potential defense given the circumstances.


The law classifies misdemeanors into three categories in this state. The class of misdemeanor under which a person faces conviction will determine the penalties. According to Arizona Revised Statute 13-601, an individual may face conviction for a class one, class two, or class three misdemeanor, depending on various factors.

Class one is the most severe and involves the harshest penalties. A Phoenix attorney experienced in handling misdemeanor charges could further explain the criminal statute for these offenses.


The court determines penalties for a first-time offense by the details of the charges and arrest. An individual may serve no jail time with probation, or up to six months behind bars. The state may also require them to complete up to three years of probation.

If a defendant has previously been convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses, then a subsequent charge for the same crime within a specific time period may result in much higher consequences. Under Arizona Revised Statute 13-702, the first conviction for a class six felony could mean steep fines, probation, and serving anywhere from 0.33 to two years in prison.


If you face a misdemeanor charge, you should prepare for the court date by reaching out to legal counsel. Dealing with any type of criminal charge is stressful and overwhelming. However, the sooner you prepare for your defense, the better chance you have at a positive outcome.

At the Grand Canyon Law Group, a Phoenix misdemeanor lawyer can review your case, answer questions, and help you prepare a strong defense. We are here to advocate on your behalf and defend your way of life, so call us today to schedule a consultation.

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