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Phoenix Prescription Drug Attorney

Allegations involving the illegal possession or distribution of controlled substances must be handled proactively. Possessing certain legal substances, like prescription medications, without a doctor’s authorization can also lead to legal charges. A conviction on drug possession charges can change your life, making it essential to work with the right attorney on your defense.

A Phoenix prescription drug lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group is here to help you. We will listen to your situation and develop a defense tailored to the circumstances. Our legal team is prepared to challenge the police tactics that led to your arrest, question whether you had the substances in your possession, or contest whether the State can prove that you did not have a prescription for the substances in question.


The drug laws in Phoenix and elsewhere in the state are harsh. Allegations involving the possession of even a small amount of prescription medication without a doctor’s note can lead to serious charges.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3406, illegal prescription drug possession is a misdemeanor with a possible six-month jail sentence. However, a prosecutor may allege that the defendant intended to distribute the substance to others if they are found in possession of greater quantities. A Phoenix prescription drug attorney can work to refute these allegations.


Every drug case requires a prosecutor to prove certain concepts in court. One common defense tactic is to dispute whether a defendant ever possessed the items in question. A prescription drug attorney at our firm is prepared to contest this idea at trial and demonstrate that a defendant was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Other defense strategies involve contesting the legality of police methods that led to an arrest. Every person has an expectation of privacy, and police can only violate this privacy if they have probable cause. Police asking for a search warrant must be able to prove to a judge that there is probable cause for a crime. Similarly, police can only search a suspect’s person if there is probable cause or if they have already made an arrest for another alleged crime. A Phoenix lawyer disputing these searches can result in a court throwing out evidence that cripples the prosecutor’s prescription drug case.


Every case involving illegal drugs must be taken seriously. Accusations that you possessed prescription medication without a doctor’s note can lead to jail time and other criminal penalties. Even more concerning are allegations of drug distribution. In either case, a mark on your criminal record can impact you for years to come.

A Phoenix prescription drug lawyer will fight to help you avoid this outcome. The dedicated attorneys at our firm want to hear your side of the story to determine the most effective defense strategy. We can argue for fair bail terms, question the legality of police investigation methods, and make arguments in court that create reasonable doubt. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today and let us get to work fighting for your rights.

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