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A conspiracy charge involves allegations that you have agreed with another to commit some unlawful act. These charges could also be brought for accusations of multiple people working together to commit a crime. Many prosecutors will level a conspiracy charge without much proof that a conspiracy ever existed. The charge may be based on incorrect assumptions or a misunderstanding.

No matter the circumstances, you have the right to defend against these charges with help from a relentless attorney. A Phoenix conspiracy lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group knows how to defend your case the right way and mitigate the penalties you face. Let our legal team work to protect your way of life against these allegations.


As a knowledgeable Phoenix attorney can explain, there are several elements involved in a conspiracy charge, including:

  • A conspiracy is a joint agreement between two or more people to commit some criminal act
  • Intent to aid in the commission of the offense or to promote it
  • An overt act in furtherance of the offense (unless the alleged purpose of the conspiracy was to commit a violent felony against another person)

It is important to note that the bar is low for the prosecution to allege an act in furtherance of the offense. Planning to commit the offense and any steps taken to get there may qualify for a conspiracy charge.


A common situation occurs when a person is charged with a conspiracy to sell drugs. If two or more people agree to sell drugs together, and one makes a phone call to a potential buyer, this is sufficient for the prosecution to bring a conspiracy charge. Drug transactions in Phoenix are common scenarios where prosecutors may tack on a conspiracy charge, requiring help from a dedicated attorney to contest these allegations.


Conspiracy is especially common when there are multiple co-defendants charged with a particular crime. However, it can happen even if only one person is charged. The other person in the alleged conspiracy does not have to be charged if the state can prove the existence of the conspiracy.

This charge is often used to put pressure on multiple people to get information. A conspiracy charge is serious, so it encourages people to testify against each other. People with lower-level involvement in a crime may face this charge, even if they had little to do with the alleged crime.


Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1003 states that the penalty for conspiracy will be the same as the most serious crime that is the object of the conspiracy. For instance, if a person is accused of a conspiracy to commit a Class Four felony, the conspiracy charge would be penalized as a Class Four felony as well.

However, there is an exception if the conspiracy is to commit a Class One felony. This is punishable by life imprisonment without the option of parole until the service of twenty-five years. When the stakes are this high, it is critical for an accused person to work with a skilled local attorney to relentlessly defend against the conspiracy charges.


Conspiracy charges can greatly increase the penalties you face for an alleged crime. The penalties for conspiracy are usually just as serious as the underlying offense, making it crucial that you work with a persistent attorney who understands how to properly combat these tacked-on charges.

Contact an experienced Phoenix conspiracy lawyer today to get started on your airtight defense. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our team is made up of former prosecutors, now dedicated defense attorneys who are ready to fight for you.

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