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When a person is accused of making false statements while under oath, they could face a perjury charge. Many situations call for sworn statements, not just testimony in court. False statements under any of these circumstances could lead to significant criminal charges. You may even face a felony offense and the severe penalties that come with it.

If you are accused of lying under oath, let a skilled Phoenix perjury lawyer handle your defense the right way. You are allowed to contest these allegations and seek help from an experienced attorney to mitigate penalties and avoid a conviction.


Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-2702 defines the act of perjury as either an “unsworn declaration” or “sworn statement” that is related to a “material issue” the person knows or believes is false. These definitions are an important part of understanding this criminal offense.

A “sworn statement” is some representation of opinion or fact given while under oath with an affirmation of truthfulness, or as part of a notarized statement connected to some official proceeding. A “material issue” is one that could reasonably affect the progression or outcome of some official proceeding. Those facing perjury charges should consult with a knowledgeable Phoenix lawyer who could further explain this legal definition.


If a person knowingly makes false statements that are not material, they could be charged with the related offense of false swearing. Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-2703 defines this offense as a Class Six felony. Upon conviction, a person could receive a sentence of .33 years up to two years in prison. However, this range only applies for first offenses; repeat convictions could lead to greater penalties.


Perjury is defined as a Class Four felony under state law. If convicted, a person faces between one year and 3.75 years in prison for the offense. However, it is important to note that this range only applies if the person has no prior criminal offenses in their record. The penalty range may increase if the person has been charged with perjury or other felony offenses in the past.

A person with multiple convictions could be classified as a repetitive offender and face heightened charges. Additionally, there are various mitigating or aggravating circumstances which could also affect the penalty range. Regardless of the circumstances, it is crucial for the person accused of lying under oath to work with a nearby attorney on their defense.


Anyone accused of perjury in Phoenix must take a proactive stance against the charges by contacting a skilled lawyer right away. This felony offense can permanently stain a person’s record and lead to a lengthy prison term. Possible defenses that the perjury lawyers at our firm could use include the following:

  • The defendant believed the statement was true
  • The false statement was not sworn
  • The false statement was not material

These defenses and many others could apply to a particular person’s case. At the Grand Canyon Law Group, our legal team is experienced in perjury cases and can levy an appropriate strategy for the specific situation.


A perjury charge can lead to a criminal record and result in years in prison. You need to fight back with help from a dedicated attorney who can ensure your rights are protected throughout criminal process.

Speak with a Phoenix perjury lawyer at the Grand Canyon Law Group today. Our team is prepared to help you through this difficult time, so give us a call today to set up a consultation.

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