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The newfound freedom and varied opportunities for self-exploration that college presents can be invigorating for students of any age, but particularly for those who have just graduated high school and are leaving home for the first time. However, while the average undergraduate university student may not feel like an adult quite yet, they still qualify as one in the eyes of law enforcement and state legal authorities—and more importantly, they may be treated like one if they commit any criminal offense on or off campus.

If you or your child have found yourselves facing criminal allegations while enrolled in a college or university, seeking help from a Phoenix student defense lawyer can be crucial to protecting future prospects. Without a skilled defense attorney’s guidance, you may have trouble effectively handling, not only a prosecution in criminal court, but also potential repercussions from your school. Contact us at Grand Canyon Law Group today to get started.


Since virtually all college students in Phoenix and throughout Arizona are at least 18 years old, any student who allegedly violates state law in any way may face prosecution in adult criminal court as opposed to adjudication in juvenile court. With that said, there are a few offenses that are particularly common among university students, such as:

Depending on the specific unlawful actions that a student allegedly engaged in, they may face sanctions ranging from a Class 3 misdemeanor charge to a high-level felony offense. However, even comparatively minor misdemeanor offenses can carry steep fines, lengthy terms of probation, and even jail time upon conviction.

The long-term effects of having a criminal record of any kind can also include the loss of occupational opportunities and even limits on where the convicted individual can live. Needless to say, retaining an experienced defense attorney should be a priority for any student in Phoenix accused of any form of criminal conduct.


On top of the sanctions that a conviction in criminal court could lead to, merely being accused of a crime while attending college can have dire repercussions at school as well. Since virtually any violation of state law would also constitute a violation of most school conduct rules, an arrest for a suspected criminal offense could prompt disciplinary action by a school conduct board.

Depending on the alleged offense, criminal allegations against a student could lead to that student being denied on-campus housing or other privileges, being suspended from school, or even permanently expelled. Furthermore, the standard of proof for student conduct violations is not nearly as strict as the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard that criminal court prosecutors must meet to secure a conviction.

Finally, students are generally not afforded the same rights in school proceedings as those promised under the U.S. Constitution for judicial proceedings—for example, the right to have an attorney appointed to them. While a Phoenix student defense attorney generally cannot always accompany a student into these kinds of disciplinary hearings, they can still provide critical assistance preparing for the hearing and building the best possible defense strategy.


Dealing with a criminal accusation or arrest can be challenging under any circumstances. However, it can be especially difficult to achieve a favorable outcome when you are a student at an Arizona university or college, especially if you are facing sanctions from your school and prosecution from the state at the same time.

Support from a Phoenix student defense lawyer can make a world of difference in your chances of achieving a favorable result to your unique situation. Set up a free consultation with a member of our team today.

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