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Phoenix Manslaughter Attorney

Manslaughter is a type of homicide charge where, if you are convicted, the consequences could be life-altering. From steep fines to damage to your reputation, it can be difficult to chart a path forward in life with a criminal record of manslaughter.

You not only have the right to fight back against these charges, you are also entitled to the support of a skilled homicide defense attorney. The right strategy could help you avoid a conviction. Before you consider a plea offer, you could benefit from a discussion with a Phoenix manslaughter lawyer.


This offense is one of several homicide charges recognized in Arizona. Unlike most of these other offenses, manslaughter does not always involve the intentional taking of another person’s life. Instead, there are different factors that can lead to this charge.

The most common example involves recklessly causing the death of another person. This includes taking actions that cause fatal injuries while aware of the potential risk of death or serious harm. Other situations that could lead to an arrest include:

  • Providing someone the means to commit suicide
  • Second degree murder while being coerced
  • Injuring a pregnant woman, leading to her baby’s death

A manslaughter attorney serving Phoenix could provide a defense in any of these circumstances.


At first glance, this crime is similar to another offense: negligent homicide. Both of these charges involve unintentionally causing the death of another person, but there is an important distinction between the two.

Manslaughter arrests in Phoenix occur as the result of reckless behavior. Negligent homicide relates to the death of a person caused by careless behavior that the accused should have known was risky. The major difference is that a person charged with manslaughter knew what they were doing had a high risk of physical injury, where negligent homicide cases can be brought against someone who lacked this knowledge.


There are different ways that an attorney in Phoenix could approach a manslaughter case. Building a defense strategy can focus on the statutory language. Often, the primary issue at trial will be whether or not they acted recklessly.

To push back against these allegations by the state, we could establish that you were unaware of the risks that ultimately caused another person’s death. It is important to note that while this might avoid a manslaughter conviction, it is not a defense against negligent homicide.

Another option is to focus on your innocence. This means building a defense around evidence that shows you were not responsible for another person’s death at all. This proof could relate to the cause of the person’s death or even identify the individual that was truly at fault.

Identifying the right strategy in these cases is rarely simple. Thankfully, you are not obligated to handle this task on your own. You can lean on your legal team while taking advantage of the peace of mind that can come with hiring the right attorney.


When you are facing these charges, it is crucial that you act right away. The state will not wait to start building a case against you. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible could help you ensure your rights are protected. Call a Phoenix manslaughter lawyer from Grand Canyon Law Group today to get started.

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