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Phoenix Out of State DUI Attorney

Getting pulled over and charged with DUI is a stressful ordeal, especially while traveling in another state. DUIs for out-of-state drivers in Phoenix pose many logistical challenges that are hard to overcome without legal counsel. Fortunately, Arizona allows a private attorney to appear on your behalf, so you don’t have to return for every hearing. In some situations, you may not have to appear at all to resolve the case.

Regardless of where you live, the local DUI lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group are prepared to represent you and minimize the impact of a DUI charge on your life. We are experienced in communicating with clients, determining realistic goals, and working tirelessly to achieve positive case outcomes.


The laws across Arizona are the same regarding intoxicated driving, but prosecutors and courts in different regions may handle things differently. The Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office has specific processes for DUI charges distinct from Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, and other outlying counties.

Out-of-state drivers arrested for DUI should consult our Phoenix attorneys on the processes for jail terms, home detention, work release, reduced plea offers, and other local policies and procedures. Working with a lawyer who knows the local court systems is crucial to effectively resolve a DUI charge in another state. Our former prosecutors are familiar with the specific courts and have handled these cases across Arizona.


Some of the biggest challenges when facing out-of-state DUI charges are license suspension issues. Motor Vehicle Departments around the country share information across a national driver registry. Arizona will likely suspend a driver’s license for DUI and notify other states, meaning the suspension will extend to their home state.

A Phoenix DUI lawyer can work to decrease the length of out-of-state license suspensions. However, certain options like ignition interlock devices and restricted driver’s licenses are unavailable to drivers in other states. Additionally, the driver must first pursue license reinstation in Arizona; after, their home state will receive notification of the lifted suspension. Working with a Phoenix attorney at our firm can help drivers deal with DUI license suspensions from their home states.


There are many questions involved in a solid DUI defense. Is the prosecution offering a good plea deal, or can we argue for a better one? Does it make sense to go to trial? What are the strongest and weakest parts of this case? What are the prosecutor’s strengths and weaknesses? How does this judge tend to rule in similar situations?

Our skilled lawyers in Phoenix have inside knowledge of the DUI process and will pull every available lever to secure a positive outcome for an out-of-state driver. We can file substantive motions to get evidence suppressed or the case dismissed. We can advise the defendant on taking a plea or going to trial. Our dedicated legal team will work to minimize the consequences of a conviction and protect the defendant’s way of life.


Non-local drivers facing DUI charges in Phoenix should consult an attorney licensed in Arizona. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we know the specific courts involved in these cases. We can outline a person’s options for resolving the charges while minimizing the impact on their life.

Do not trust your case to someone inexperienced at handling DUIs for out-of-state drivers in Phoenix. Contact our firm for the seasoned legal representation you need to secure a favorable result.

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