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If you are accused of driving while intoxicated, the best thing you can do to protect your rights and future is to seek legal counsel. There are many things a seasoned attorney can do to fight the charges and mitigate the potential consequences. You may be able to negotiate a better outcome or present a strong case in court to secure a not guilty verdict.

Your DUI defense lawyer can begin providing relentless representation from the moment you are arrested, making it important to call Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible. We can explain the potential defenses for Phoenix DUI charges and tailor a strategy to your circumstances.


One way a skilled attorney could defend against DUI charges in Phoenix is by using pretrial challenges, such as challenging a stop or search that led to the arrest. This involves filing certain motions that may allege a constitutional violation or other error committed by police during their investigation.

Seasoned legal counsel could also challenge various aspects of the prosecution’s DUI case, such as the results of a blood or breath test or the arresting officer’s credibility. Even if a defendant is convicted on the DUI charges, an attorney can often challenge the sufficiency of any prior convictions in Phoenix. This could lead to significantly reduced sentencing.


Sometimes, a lawyer’s first task is getting the defendant out of police custody and fighting for favorable release conditions. Many people hire a local DUI defense attorney after they have already gone through the initial hearing. In these cases, the first step in the process is talking to the defendant about what happened and hearing their perspective. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we listen to the client’s specific concerns about the DUI case and how the charges could affect their life as part of building a strong defense.

As the case progresses, our lawyers will obtain discovery from the prosecutor. This could include police reports, videos, and blood test results. We comb through the evidence, like body cam footage and scientific laboratory results, for any issues or problems with the case.

Once we have reviewed all the discovery, our Phoenix attorneys can put together our DUI defense argument. We are working to secure the best possible plea offer from the prosecutor or find issues in the case that could be used to suppress evidence at trial.


There are two sides to our process of building a strong DUI defense: the personal and the legal side. On the personal side, we are finding out information about our client. What situation were they in? Why did this situation happen?

On the legal side, what are some things the officer might have done wrong? What are some of the issues with the blood results or other evidence? We use these questions to work toward an agreement with the prosecution. If we cannot reach an agreement, our Phoenix attorneys will advise the defendant on their DUI defense options for trial.


At Grand Canyon Law Group, our seasoned legal team is prepared to challenge every aspect of your case, from the stop and search to the results of any field sobriety or chemical tests. We have significant experience with and knowledge of the local prosecutors and court systems and can use this to your advantage when negotiating plea deals.

If you are accused of intoxicated driving, you need legal counsel, whether this is your first, second, or third offense. Discuss defenses for Phoenix DUI charges with a skilled attorney at our firm and let us fight to protect your future. Call today for a consultation.