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Phoenix DUI Drivers License Suspension Attorney

A conviction for intoxicated driving can have many consequences, including license suspension. A driver faces losing their license for up to a year, even just for the arrest on a second time DUI. This can affect a person’s ability to commute to work and severely impact their way of life.

A skilled attorney may be able to mitigate the consequences of an arrest and fight back against license suspensions for Phoenix DUIs. Contact the experienced DUI lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group to learn your legal options and protect your rights. We can represent you at specific license suspension hearings and work to defeat the core DUI charges in your case to avoid a conviction and mitigate other penalties.


A person arrested for repeat drunk driving charges faces license suspension for up to a year upon conviction. If a person is convicted of a felony traffic offense, they face up to three years of license revocation. However, the specific penalties depend on how the prosecuting agency or police submit things to ADOT and MVD. Our seasoned Phoenix attorneys may be able to mitigate license suspensions and protect a person’s way of life by defending against a DUI conviction.


To challenge a DUI license suspension, a local attorney would ask for a hearing on behalf of the accused driver. The hearing officer or judge will determine whether there was reason to suspect that the defendant was driving while intoxicated and if they had prior license suspensions. A person always has the right to request a hearing to challenge their license suspension. There may be additional options for protecting a person’s driving rights after a DUI charge, which our Phoenix attorneys can further explain.


Generally, a driver with a second-time DUI suspension of one year is eligible for a restricted driver’s license, or Special Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver’s License (SIIRDL). After a waiting period, the driver can apply for a restricted license as long as they show they have installed an ignition interlock in their car. Our experienced attorneys can further explain and guide a driver through the process of applying for a restricted license after a second drunk driving charge.

For a third offense, the MVD will decide whether a person qualifies for a restricted license. The driver must also go through a revocation packet and pay a fee to reinstate their license. A Phoenix attorney experienced in DUI license restoration could help them apply and navigate the process.


Getting your license suspended or revoked can seriously hinder your daily life and impact your professional, social, and educational prospects. It is crucial to know your rights and options for contesting a DUI license suspension and restoring your driving privileges.

Talk to an attorney experienced in handling license suspensions for Phoenix DUIs. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we are familiar with the attorneys at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and know the procedures for intoxicated driving charges. We use our experience as former prosecutors to tirelessly defend those accused of driving offenses. Give us a call today to learn how we can fight for you.

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