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Many states—including Arizona—have softened their stance over marijuana use in recent years. While still considered a controlled substance on the federal level, state law now allows for legal possession of the drug in small quantities if maintained for personal use.

That does not mean there are no longer criminal consequences related to pot. In fact, there are serious penalties associated with the sale or trafficking of this substance. If you have been arrested, a Gilbert marijuana charges lawyer from Grand Canyon Law Group can help. Let a trusted drug defense attorney help you devise the best possible defense strategy for these circumstances. You deserve to have a committed advocate, so call us NOW!


Thanks to something known as Proposition 207, possessing small quantities of marijuana has been legal in the state since 2020. This law allows a person to cultivate their own pot plants. An adult can grow six plants so long as they are out of public view, and a household with two adults may have up to 12.

Anything grown by the public must be for personal recreational use. The sale of this controlled substance is still illegal, but it is not a crime to transfer less than an ounce to someone else for free.

There are age limits associated with the cultivation and use of these drugs as well. Anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited from possessing pot under any circumstance. An attorney in Gilbert can defend against these marijuana charges – you should call us quickly to begin working on your case.


State law has adapted to the shifting public opinion regarding marijuana usage—at least to a degree. While state law no longer prohibits possessing the substance for personal use, there are still multiple felony drug offenses that can involve marijuana.

In fact, a person could face felony charges merely for possession depending on the amount of drugs they are in control of. Anyone with more than the allowed personal amount could be arrested for a felony. There is a presumption in the law that anyone with between two and four pounds of pot has the intention to sell it. Having more than four pounds can lead to a Class 2 felony arrest. You need to call us right away if this happens to you!

It is also worth noting that while the state has loosened the law regarding personal use, the same cannot be said for the federal government. Marijuana is still considered a controlled substance under U.S. law, and in theory, prosecution for possession is possible in federal court, although it is uncommon.


In addition to legalizing possession in some cases, Proposition 207 also created a framework for having certain drug-related charges expunged. This process allows a person with a conviction to have it vacated, with their court records becoming sealed. These offenses can no longer be used as previous convictions in future charges, and lost voting rights can even be restored.

The offenses covered by expungement rules are generally acts that are now legal, like cultivating six or fewer plants for personal use. A marijuana charges attorney in Gilbert can advise a person if their prior convictions qualify.


The ways the state and country views marijuana use are changing, but there are still serious consequences linked to most drug-related offenses. Do not delay contacting Grand Canyon Law Group. Let a Gilbert marijuana charges lawyer help you evaluate your legal options moving forward.

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