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Glendale Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Every allegation that you have committed an act of violence or issued threats against another in Arizona is a serious matter. These accusations can result in a conviction that creates a criminal record, forces you to pay a fine, or leads to a jail sentence. In most instances, these penalties only apply when the court returns a conviction.

However, if you have been accused of domestic violence, you may face penalties and restrictions on your freedom before your case even goes to trial. Here, an accuser can ask a court to create a restraining order that places limits on your daily life and familial relationships. This means that a mere accusation of wrongdoing can come with severe consequences if you do not fight back with help from a hardworking attorney. At Grand Canyon Law Group, a Glendale domestic violence lawyer is prepared to work to protect your rights from day one.


An allegation of harm against a family or household member could lead to an arrest for domestic violence. These accusations can involve actual physical harm, as well as situations where an alleged victim states that they do not feel safe. Typical examples of crimes alleged in domestic violence cases include:


It is not the nature of the alleged offense that makes a criminal charge an example of domestic violence. Instead, it is the identity of the alleged victim that makes a case fall into this category.

Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3601 describes the identity of alleged victims that may allow a court to classify an accusation as one involving domestic violence. Prominent examples include parents/children, romantic partners, spouses or former spouses, people with a child in common, and blood relations. If a court moves to name an alleged offense as one involving domestic violence, it can have a profound impact on a case.


If a court classifies an allegation as one involving domestic violence, this allows an alleged victim to immediately ask the court to create a restraining order that requires a defendant to cease all contact. It is not unusual for these orders to force a person to move out of a home, quit a job, suspend their education, or lose contact with their children.


At our Glendale office, a skilled domestic violence lawyer can work to dissuade a court of the need for these orders while a case moves forward. Our local attorneys also fight to defeat domestic violence allegations in court. We can evaluate the evidence that a prosecutor intends to introduce in court and uncover information that could raise the idea of reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors. This could help to reduce the severity of a charge or even result in a total dismissal.


Unlike most other criminal allegations, accusations of domestic violence can come with immediate consequences. The alleged victims of these incidents can ask a court to create a restraining order that limits where you may travel, live, and work. This could force you to make major changes to your life. In addition, the criminal case can come with even harsher penalties and restrictions on your freedom.

Talking with a Glendale domestic violence lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group could be the first step in protecting your way of life. Our dedicated attorneys work to explain your rights under the law, contest the need for a restraining order, and craft a defense to defeat the criminal charges at the heart of your case. Reach out to our firm today to make an appointment.

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