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Glendale Vehicular Crimes Attorney

Getting behind the wheel of any motor vehicle comes with legal obligations. This includes a requirement to follow the basic rules of the road and refrain from illegal activity that may place others at risk of harm. Police officers may stop drivers upon suspicion that they have violated these laws. They can also make arrests for alleged crimes where convictions can have severe consequences.

A Glendale vehicular crimes lawyer should be your first call after a traffic stop results in your arrest. The skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are prepared to step in if you face criminal driving charges and protect you from serious repercussions. We will work to investigate the reasons for the arrest, uncover new evidence concerning the case, and build tailored defenses to the allegations.


A vehicular crime describes any action behind the wheel where a conviction can result in time spent in jail. Many examples are misdemeanors punishable by up to a year in jail. Others are felonies, where convictions come with mandatory minimum sentences.

An accusation of a vehicular crime requires a driver to appear in court to answer the charges. This is unlike a traffic violation, where a person may simply pay the fine and be done with the case.

Common examples of criminal accusations while behind the wheel include:

Our local attorneys are ready to fully explain the vehicular crime laws that led to an arrest. We work to investigate the circumstances of the charges and prevent the potential consequences of a conviction.


As mentioned above, vehicular crimes require a person to appear in criminal court. This applies whether the traffic stop resulted in a formal arrest or the mere issuance of a summons. The first court session will address many key questions, such as the question of bail and whether to allow a person to keep their license while awaiting trial. A vehicular crimes lawyer in Glendale can argue for appropriate bail terms and work to protect a person’s driving privileges.

Cases also demand attention to detail during all other pre-trial court sessions. This includes the ability to evaluate the legality of police work leading an arrest and challenging the legality of evidence that a prosecutor intends to introduce at trial.

At trial, our experienced Glendale lawyers are ready to promote persuasive defenses to vehicular crime charges. Grand Canyon Law Group can work to challenge the arresting officer’s conclusions, fight back against any expert witness testimony, and guide people through their own testimony if they wish to take the stand. These strategies may help create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors.


Allegations that you committed a crime while driving must be taken seriously. Even if the case is only a misdemeanor, a conviction can lead to a jail sentence and loss of driving privileges. Some charges are felonies that can bring life-altering consequences.

Contact a Glendale vehicular crimes attorney immediately. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we are ready to provide support throughout your case to defend your rights and way of life. Reach out to us today to get started.

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