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Tolleson Theft Lawyer

If you are arrested for or accused of a theft crime, you must take your situation seriously. Securing proper legal counsel before your trial can make all the difference in how your case plays out. You need a Tolleson theft lawyer to represent you, but you must choose your advocate wisely.

When you establish a working relationship with the team at Grand Canyon Law Group, our attorneys are committed to protecting your rights. Together, we build a strong defense strategy that helps you preserve your way of life.

Our defense attorneys have extensive experience on both sides of Arizona’s criminal justice system. We have served as prosecutors, deputy county attorneys, and criminal defense lawyers. Our unique experience gives us an advantage in navigating legal challenges and resolving criminal cases.


Arizona’s Title 13, Criminal Code, Chapter 18 lists numerous theft crimes. Chapter 13-1802 broadly defines theft as taking, controlling, or converting someone else’s property without lawful authority. In many situations, the person involved must understand that they are committing a criminal act. Common theft charges include:

  • Keeping someone’s mislaid property
  • Keeping property for an unauthorized term, such as a rented or test-driven vehicle
  • Altering a sales receipt
  • Obtaining a service without paying the provider
  • Taking or controlling a vulnerable adult’s property

Theft cases sometimes involve complicated circumstances, leaving room for many legal errors. Prosecutors file inappropriate charges. Law enforcement officers do not always produce sufficient evidence to support their case. Witnesses present questionable testimony. As experienced theft attorneys, we identify these and other issues to build a solid defense.


Some theft charges result from a simple mistake or a lapse in judgment. If the court convicts a person for criminal theft, it opens the door to a wide range of consequences. Whether a conviction involves a misdemeanor or a felony, sentences may include fines, incarceration, and probation. Courts may also order restitution to restore victims’ financial losses. Criminal statutes often enhance penalties for specific circumstances or repeat offenses.

Once a person complies with the requirements of their court-issued sentencing, their record does not simply disappear. A conviction can continue to affect their prospects for jobs, housing, and education. As such, working with a skilled theft lawyer in Tolleson is crucial to avoid the consequences of a criminal record.


When a police officer arrests someone for a theft crime, that person has the right to work with legal counsel and defend their case. It is essential to act quickly, as a proactive response is often the best defense strategy. Those accused of theft need a lawyer who will meet with them as soon as possible and advocate on their behalf. They need a defense firm like Grand Canyon Law Group with the experience and commitment to defend a theft case the right way.


When a criminal theft accusation puts your future at stake, you need dependable legal representation from an experienced defense attorney. Grand Canyon Law Group provides the dedicated legal service you need to defend your rights effectively. Our attorneys do not simply accept a law enforcement officer’s assessment of the facts. We listen to your side of the story and conduct an independent investigation to analyze all the available evidence.

When we thoroughly understand your case, we discuss your defense options. Our Tolleson theft lawyers work with you to develop a strategy that considers Arizona statutes, probable cause, reasonable doubt, the court’s evidence, potential witness testimonies, and other elements specific to your case. Take the first step in fighting for your future by giving us a call today.

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