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Tolleson Traffic Ticket Attorney

Seeing the flashing lights and hearing the sirens of a police cruiser as it pulls you over is enough to make anyone nervous. As an officer walks over to your car, they ask for your license and registration. After returning to their cruiser, the officer returns and writes you a ticket. Many drivers think that this is the end of the story—that they need to accept the ticket and pay the fine.

The reality is that you have every right to contest that ticket in court. A Tolleson traffic lawyer is here to provide relentless representation throughout your case. With help from a seasoned attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group, you could avoid steep fines or prevent a license suspension that results from accumulated points.


Most Tolleson area traffic tickets result from relatively minor violations. These can include driving without headlights, speeding, and failing to stop at a red light. If a court finds a defendant responsible for these actions, they will face a fine and a mark on their driving record. In these situations, a driver can contest the ticket in court.

However, there is another category of vehicle-related offenses under the state’s criminal code. These charges result from allegedly placing others in danger while driving. In these cases, a person’s appearance in court is mandatory:

These criminal charges require a person to appear in court for an arraignment. In some cases, a person will even be arrested by the officer on the scene. Regardless of how a person learns that they must appear in court, this initial court appearance is of utmost importance. Here, issues such as the status of a defendant’s driver’s license and bail conditions will arise. At this stage, it is critical to have representation from a skilled local traffic attorney.


One common piece of advice to people pulled over by the police is to speak as little as possible. Drivers should, of course, comply with all instructions. However, anything people say can be used against them at trial. Remember, although this is just a traffic violation, this will still be treated as a criminal affair in court.

After a traffic stop, it is essential to examine the ticket carefully. It will have instructions on how to request a hearing to contest the officer’s findings. The ticket should also contain contact information for the local court and a deadline to request the hearing. This deadline is absolute, so filing a request promptly is essential. Once this is done, a court date will be set.

Here, the officer who wrote the ticket will testify and is open to cross-examination. Drivers also may speak on their own behalf. The judge or magistrate will then make a determination. A Tolleson traffic lawyer represents clients at these hearings to present a cogent and logical argument on a driver’s behalf.


Driving comes with the obligation to follow all local traffic laws. Accusations of violating these laws can lead to fines or even jail time.

Consult a Tolleson traffic lawyer if you have been pulled over and want to contest an officer’s allegations. An experienced attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group can make a formal request for a hearing and argue your case in court. In cases where your appearance is mandatory, we can work to provide an effective defense against the charges in the case. Reach out to us now to protect your driving privileges and fight for your rights.

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