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No matter what your role at Northern Arizona University may be, you want to know that the institution’s code of conduct has your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, policies are often abused, resulting in negative outcomes for undeserving parties. For example, Title IX policies may have been instituted in good faith, but they can be misinterpreted and construed to harm people who have done no wrong.

If you are facing Title IX accusations, it is essential that you reach out to a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible. Beginning with your initial consultation, a Flagstaff Title IX lawyer may help you challenge the charges brought against you and reduce or eliminate the consequences you face.


Title IX laws state that universities and similar institutions across the United States cannot limit the opportunities presented to students based on their sex. Title IX legislation has changed over the years and expanded to protect gender identity and sexual orientation.

Universities can also take their own steps to elaborate on Title IX’s coverage. In turn, addressing Title IX accusations at universities like Northern Arizona University can be tricky. Behavior that may be classified as harassment at one university may not merit the same response at another. The sanctions for incidents of alleged sexual harassment differ from university to university, as do the procedures to which accused individuals must follow.

Previous accusations of sexual harassment can complicate an individual’s case. Parties who have been brought up on Title IX violations in the past can see sanctions that are more severe than those placed upon a person facing accusations for the first time.


Despite its ongoing changes, Title IX extends its protections beyond the student body at Arizona universities. Any party affiliated with a university can bring their concerns about alleged sexual harassment to the institution’s Title IX office. In turn, all students, faculty, and staff have to take care in how they act, or else their behavior may be otherwise misconstrued. Anyone facing Title IX accusations at Northern Arizona University or any other college should consult with a Flagstaff lawyer immediately to go over their legal options.


After an individual is informed of the accusations leveled against them, they should get in contact with an attorney in their area. A Flagstaff attorney can subsequently work to establish an understanding of a university’s standing procedures to Title IX accusations and the on-campus rights of the accused party. During an initial consultation, an attorney can explain the potential sanctions related to the alleged violation and work with the accused to build a strong defense.

Above all else, a Title IX attornery can ensure all parties accused of sexual harassment have the chance to share their side of the story. This can help limit unfair accusations that might otherwise have been issued out of discrimination or malice.


False Title IX accusations can have a long-term, detrimental impact on your life. If you are a student in Arizona, these accusations could result in suspension or expulsion from your program of choice. Staff and faculty members may face revocation of their employment or tenure denied.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to respond to Title IX allegations. A Flagstaff Title IX lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can discuss your case with you and help you construct an argument that refutes the accusations against you. Reach out today to get started on your case

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