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Anyone facing allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination on a college campus could be forced to reckon with Title IX violations. These proceedings are different than a criminal prosecution, but the outcome could still have a dramatic impact on your life.

You have the right to defend yourself from these accusations, and you do not have to do so alone. A dedicated student defense attorney can help you understand the potential consequences of a Title IX violation and assist you with navigating the legal system. Instead of facing a disciplinary board on your own, it could benefit you to first speak to a Gilbert Title IX lawyer.


A federal law known as the Education Amendments of 1972 bars colleges and universities that receive government funding from allowing sexual discrimination on campus. This covers a wide range of behaviors, including harassment or assault based on a person’s gender.

The law requires these institutions to implement a set of rules for investigating allegations of misconduct. There is some flexibility in how each school approaches this task. In general, disciplinary boards will hear evidence, call witnesses, and determine if there is proof of the alleged discrimination.

Schools have several remedies available to them, including expulsion, removal from a residence hall, termination of a scholarship, or no-contact orders between parties. There is also the possibility of interim measures being taken while a case is pending.


Title IX proceedings are not criminal prosecutions and they cannot lead to a student being incarcerated directly. However, the evidence offered during these hearings could be enough for the state to initiate criminal charges against a student. This is because activity that qualifies as discrimination under the Act can also violate criminal statutes.

Having an educational career derailed is one thing, but serving time in prison is another entirely. The consequences of a sexual assault conviction can have a negative impact on a person for their entire life. Given the risks, it is not a good idea for a person to defend themselves by testifying at a disciplinary proceeding. A Title IX attorney in Gilbert can provide insight into whether it is best to focus on potential criminal charges or not.


While different from criminal cases, individuals accused of misconduct on campus are protected by certain fundamental rights. This includes certain requirements like having written notice of proceedings or their outcomes.

The accused also has the right to be heard during this process. They can provide their own witnesses and evidence, although their right to do so is limited compared to a criminal trial. Schools are required to provide clear guidance each step in the process as well.

Finally, anyone facing these allegations has the right to legal counsel. While there are no court-appointed attorneys or public defenders, the accused has an opportunity to hire a lawyer and have them present for any in-person proceedings. A Gilbert Title IX attorney can be instrumental in obtaining a successful outcome.


When you or your child have been accused of discrimination on a college campus, it is time to take action. Your academic or professional future may be at stake but the Grand Canyon Law Group could help you assert your rights. Reach out to a Gilbert Title IX lawyer right away for a free, private consultation.

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