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There are important distinctions between each drug offense, and many potential consequences can come with a conviction on drug charges. A skilled drug attorney from Grand Canyon Law Group can advise you on the type of charge you face and help you develop the best strategy for fighting a conviction.

When you have questions about the types of drug charges in Glendale you are facing, your attorney can provide you with the answers. Understanding the nature of these charges and the consequences of a conviction is vital for anyone who has been arrested for a drug-based offense.


Possessing a controlled substance is one of the most common drug-related offenses, covering a range of crimes from carrying unlawful narcotics to possessing medication without a prescription. Depending on the type and quantity of the substance involved, possession charges may result in either misdemeanors or felonies.

There are two types of possession: actual and constructive. Actual is what most people picture when they hear about drug possession. Typically, this means having a controlled substance in hand or on their person. Constructive possession involves control over a drug that is not immediately available. Some examples of constructive possession include having drugs locked in the trunk of a car or hidden beneath someone’s bed.

An attorney in Glendale who is well-versed in types of drug charges can evaluate each case’s specific circumstances and develop effective strategies to minimize potential consequences.


Drug crimes also relate to the possession of prescription drugs. While having a prescription offers an exception to criminal possession charges, it is unlawful to obtain your prescription fraudulently.

Prescription fraud comes in two forms. It can involve a doctor prescribing medication for recreational purposes when it is not medically necessary, and it can also involve a person providing false information to a physician in the hopes of securing drugs they plan on using recreationally.


Some of the steepest penalties are for charges related to the growth or creation of controlled substances. Manufacture of narcotics like methamphetamine or LSD is always treated as a felony, and a conviction could result in years behind bars.

The same is true for unauthorized marijuana grow operations. Known as cultivation, it is illegal to grow marijuana plants in the state without some form of authorization. This offense is treated the same as manufacturing other controlled substances.


This is one of the most severe – and common – drug offenses. Drug trafficking charges are commonly coupled with other offenses. This charge applies additional penalties for those who attempt to transport, sell, or distribute controlled substances.

Trafficking charges are not always related to the direct sale of drugs, however. In fact, possessing a controlled substance in significant amounts could be enough for a prosecutor to bring a charge. A Glendale lawyer with experience in various types of drug charges can help determine whether a trafficking charge should apply to a case.


These are only some of the types of drug charges you could experience in Glendale. No matter which offense you face, every drug charge should be taken seriously, since a conviction could have a significant impact on your life even after you get out from prison.

Now is the time to discuss your defense options with legal counsel. The experienced lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group are former prosecutors dedicated to preserving your way of life. Call as soon as possible for a confidential consultation.

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