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Glendale Drug Trafficking Attorney

While state law carries steep penalties for any drug offense, allegations of drug trafficking are especially serious. Because this offense is related to the transportation or sale of drugs on a large scale, a conviction carries steeper penalties than simple possession.

Prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions in drug trafficking cases. You must mount an equally aggressive defense with a skilled Glendale drug trafficking lawyer. The right defense attorney could help you avoid a conviction on these serious charges and seek a positive resolution to your case. Let Grand Canyon Law Group fight for you and your rights.


The term “trafficking” is used to describe transporting a controlled substance with the intent to sell it. Defendants can be convicted of this offense under a variety of circumstances. For instance, many people charged with drug trafficking are not necessarily accused of moving the drugs themselves.

When prosecutors bring a drug trafficking case, they must prove several elements. This includes showing that the accused knowingly possessed a large amount of drugs with the intent to sell them.


Proving possession is an important part of a drug trafficking charge. According to the law, a person is in possession if they have them on their person. However, a conviction is also possible if the accused has control over illegal substances—such as a person that stores drugs in the trunk of their car with the intent to sell them.


The state also must prove intent to sell. This is where the amount of drugs comes into play. When the accused has a substantial amount of controlled substances, the prosecution may infer that it is not for personal use. Our Glendale drug trafficking attorneys could help contest this presumption and defend other aspects of the prosecution’s case.


Anyone accused of drug trafficking has the right to build a defense with a skilled lawyer and take their case to trial. Many different defense strategies may be available in these situations.


When the state pursues a conviction for drug trafficking, prosecutors have the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high burden of proof that prosecutors cannot always meet. Our Glendale lawyers can work to get the drug trafficking charges dropped if the prosecution has insubstantial evidence to support their case.


One common defense strategy involves the violation of the defendant’s rights, such as unlawful search and seizure. When the state violates the defendant’s constitutional rights, it could result in a dismissal of all charges or exclusion of evidence at trial.


A drug trafficking conviction requires the intent to sell or distribute the drugs. A potential defense in these cases involves proving that the drugs were for personal use. While this could still lead to a conviction for drug possession, the penalties associated with that offense are far lower. Our experienced local attorneys can evaluate a drug trafficking case and determine the best defense strategy for the circumstances.


The prospect of facing drug trafficking charges can be overwhelming and terrifying. However, an arrest never guarantees a conviction. In many cases, you can avoid a conviction or mitigate the penalties you face by working with a Glendale drug trafficking lawyer.

With the right defense strategy, you can position yourself to defeat the charges and secure a positive resolution to your case. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn your legal options and get the representation you need.

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