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Fraud generally involves deceiving another party for some material gain. These charges can result from various scenarios, from issuing a bad check to filing false applications for loans or insurance protection. Regardless of what you are specifically accused of, the penalties can be harsh.

If you face fraud charges, you may be frightened and confused. Let a Glendale fraud lawyer investigate your situation and explain the legal process. With a dedicated attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group, you can be better prepared to fight for a positive outcome. We will evaluate the prosecution’s case, build a tailored defense to the charges, and work tirelessly to protect your way of life.


Like theft, fraud offenses involve taking another person’s property without permission or authority. The main difference is that fraud involves theft through deception. Fraud is the act of deliberately deceiving someone else to cause harm or receive financial gain. Allegations of fraud may involve another private citizen, a business, a financial institution, or the government.

One thing that all fraud allegations have in common is the intent to deceive. The prosecutor in any fraud case must prove that a defendant committed the act intentionally. A defense centered around a mistake or misunderstanding can often be powerful in a fraud case.

If a skilled attorney can convince a jury that allegations of fraud resulted from a misunderstanding or that a defendant lacked the intent to defraud another party, the jury must acquit the defendant. Our Glendale lawyers can provide more information on the general concept of criminal fraud.


Under Arizona Revised Statute § 13-2310, it is illegal for a person to obtain any benefit or piece of property through deceit or false representations. In other words, it is illegal to gain any benefit through fraud.

The statute classifies this offense as a class 2 felony. Even if this is a person’s first felony conviction and mitigating factors are present, the court must still impose a mandatory prison sentence of at least three years. If aggravating factors are present, such as fraud involving high-value property, the sentence may increase to 12.5 years. The local attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the potential penalties for a fraud conviction and work to minimize the impact on a defendant’s life.


Accusations that you deceived someone to obtain money or property can lead to criminal fraud charges. These offenses can also involve alleged attempts to change official documents or wrongfully confer rights upon another party.

However, any fraud allegation requires a prosecutor to that you intended to defraud other people. A Glendale fraud lawyer at our firm can gather key evidence like emails, text messages, or letters to show your honest intentions. We will explain the relevant laws and work to contest the prosecution’s case at every stage of the legal proceedings. To get started on your case, contact Grand Canyon Law Group today. We believe you have a way of life worth protecting, and we are ready to fight for you.

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