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New River Sexual Assault Attorney

A sexual assault allegation or charge must be taken seriously and handled with the utmost care. In these situations, you need representation from a skilled attorney with a broad range of experience defending these charges.

A New River sexual assault lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group is here to provide the guidance and support you need throughout the legal process. From investigating your charge to utilizing every possible defense strategy in your case, our former prosecutors will fight tirelessly to protect your way of life.


According to Arizona state law, sexual assault occurs when someone with full knowledge, intent, and purpose has oral sex or sexual intercourse with another person without their consent. Generally, sexual assault is categorized as a class 2 felony.

For a first-offense sexual assault conviction, a person could face up to 14 years in prison. That term of incarceration can go up to 21 years for a second offense. Someone with two or more prior offenses on their record could face up to 28 years if convicted of sexual assault.


Beyond these harsh sentencing guidelines, multiple factors can worsen the sentence attached to a sexual assault charge. For example, a person may face charges for a dangerous crime against a child if the alleged victim of the sexual assault was younger than 15. These charges carry severe penalties, as our New River sexual assault attorneys can explain. Sexual assault charges involving the use of a substance like ketamine hydrochloride to allegedly drug the victim could lead to an additional three years tacked onto a prison term upon conviction.

Any aggravating factors could potentially worsen the penalties for a sexual assault conviction. One common aggravating factor is when the alleged victims suffer injuries during the assault. A seasoned lawyer at our firm could also identify any mitigating factors to alleviate or eliminate a sexual assault conviction and penalties.


Our skilled attorneys in New River could carefully examine the facts and details of a sexual assault charge to leverage the most effective defenses. In some cases, it may be possible to argue that the accused did not commit the act in question in any way, shape, or form—the alleged incident never happened. A case of mistaken identity could also be a possible defense to a sexual assault charge.

Alternatively, a sexual assault defense lawyer could argue that the sexual interaction between the alleged victim and the accused was consensual. The lack of consent is a crucial element the prosecution must prove to reach a conviction for sexual assault. If the intercourse or oral contact were consensual, the circumstances would not constitute assault, and the burden of proof would not be met.


A conviction for sexual assault could change the course of your life. In addition to a potentially length period of incarceration, you could also be obliged to pay significant fines and even register as a sex offender. The consequences of a felony conviction for a crime like sexual assault can stay with you for years, impacting your career, housing, and educational opportunities.

A New River sexual assault lawyer could work diligently to mitigate the charges against you. The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group can fight tirelessly to pursue a reduction or acquittal of your charges. The right defense strategy and options available will depend on the unique facts of your case. To speak with our dedicated legal team about your case, call our office today and set up your one-on-one legal consultation.

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