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New River Underage DUI Attorney

Arizona law is harsh on driving while intoxicated, but the state has a zero-tolerance policy on underage drinking and driving. The penalties for a conviction are severe and could impact your life for years.

If you were arrested for DUI and are under 21, contact an aggressive defense attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group immediately. Working with a New River underage DUI lawyer may be your best shot at protecting your future. Our legal team will build a vigorous defense against the charges and fight tirelessly for your best interests.


The law prohibiting underage drinking and driving is Arizona Revised Statute §4-244(34). Under the statute, driving under the age of 21 with any detectable alcohol in one’s blood is a Class 1 misdemeanor. It is a crime even if the driver shows no signs of impairment and tests under the legal blood alcohol (BAC) concentration of .08.

An underage DUI conviction is the only DUI crime that does not require time in jail or prison, although a judge could sentence an offender to up to 180 days in jail. A conviction leads to hefty fines and increased insurance rates. A judge might also order traffic survival school, alcohol screening and treatment, community service, and other penalties.

For many young drivers, the worst part of an underage DUI conviction is a mandatory two-year license suspension. Our New River underage DUI attorneys can help drivers request a restricted license allowing them to drive to work and school if they install an ignition interlock device.


A minor could face DUI charges for driving with any amount of alcohol in their blood, and police often also cite underage drivers for other charges. They may face a regular DUI charge if they were impaired to any degree or their BAC was over .08. If the underage driver was going the wrong way on a highway, had a suspended or revoked license, or carried a passenger younger than 15, they could be charged with aggravated DUI—a felony.

When an underage driver is convicted of DUI, the penalties depend on the driver’s blood alcohol level. Regardless of their level of intoxication, they face a mandatory jail sentence and two-year license suspension upon conviction.

A young person charged with underage DUI might face other criminal charges depending on the circumstances. These could include underage possession of alcohol, using a fake ID to purchase alcohol, and violations of open container laws. Our lawyers in New River will work to resolve all the charges and minimize the enduring consequences of an underage DUI conviction.


Numerous defenses could be effective in defeating a DUI charge. If an underage defendant did not admit to consuming alcohol, our local attorneys could contest the equipment and techniques law enforcement used to detect alcohol. Officers must have special training to administer sobriety and blood tests; if their training was incomplete or their certifications are not up to date, a judge might exclude the evidence.

Similarly, law enforcement must maintain and calibrate the alcohol analysis equipment properly. Seeking maintenance records and challenging the accuracy of the results could be an effective defense. Specific circumstances like an illness, prescription medications, and even footwear could influence a sobriety test, and our New River underage DUI lawyers could assert a defense based on these factors.

Finally, the police must respect a suspect’s civil rights. Police officers sometimes exploit a young person’s inexperience and do not adhere to proper procedures. If the police failed to advise the accused of their rights, prevented them from accessing a lawyer, or had no reasonable suspicion to justify the stop or sobriety test, a judge might dismiss the charge.


Entering adulthood with a DUI conviction on your record might limit your opportunities. You must be proactive to prevent a small mistake from ruining your future.

A New River underage DUI lawyer will work diligently to get the charge dismissed or reduced. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we believe you have a way of life worth saving. Call us today to discuss your case.

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