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Before you are charged with and prosecuted for a crime, the state will need to build a case against you. The evidence the state uses against you will largely depend on their investigation into the allegations.

If you are a suspect in an assault investigation in Phoenix, seek legal counsel immediately. If you have not yet been arrested, it could be possible to avoid charges entirely. Let a skilled attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group help you navigate the criminal justice system.


For the most part, assault investigations in Phoenix are handled by local police. Alleged acts of assault within the limits of the city are typically investigated by the City of Phoenix Police Department.

The city police primarily have jurisdiction in these cases, although there are exceptions. Some law enforcement officers, such as Arizona state troopers, could have statewide jurisdictions. There are also smaller police forces on some university campuses that could conduct an investigation.

No matter who oversees an assault investigation in Phoenix, the accused has the right to an attorney. It is best to seek legal counsel immediately instead of waiting for charges to be filed.


The investigations into assault allegations are not always extensive. Unlike financial crimes or murder investigations, these cases are frequently resolved with an arrest shortly after the alleged assault. In some cases, an assault will happen near the law enforcement officer that makes the arrest.


When an alleged assault does not occur in front of a police officer, the first step in an investigation is generally an interview of the witnesses. This includes speaking with the alleged victim and any third parties present at the time. Before agreeing to any police interviews, suspects in assault investigations should retain a Phoenix lawyer.


In addition to witness testimony, the police often seek electronic evidence when pursuing an assault investigation in Phoenix. This could include security or cell phone camera footage of the incident as it happened. When this footage is clear, it can serve as strong evidence in the case.

These investigations also frequently include a review of electronic communication. Obtaining the records could provide the police with insight into what happened. For example, text messages to or from the accused could shed light on who was the aggressor or if the alleged assault actually occurred.


Many people have an instinct to defend themselves against allegations made by the police. However, the best way to deal with this type of investigation is to rely on the guidance of legal counsel. This means refusing to discuss any aspect of the case with the police without first consulting a Phoenix attorney experienced in handling assault investigations. Choosing to discuss the case with the investigating officer could have a detrimental effect on the case. In some situations, it might even lead to criminal charges.


If you are the subject of an assault investigation in Phoenix, it is important that you talk to a lawyer right away. The right attorney could help you avoid a conviction and resolve your case with minimal impact on your life.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we believe you have a way of life worth fighting for. Contact our firm today to learn how we can contest the allegations, protect your rights, and preserve your future.