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Scottsdale Embezzlement Attorney

Embezzlement occurs when a person takes property from another after the owner has entrusted that property to their care. This is an example of a theft offense under the state’s criminal code. There is no difference between a theft achieved through embezzlement or other means.

If you face these charges, work with a Scottsdale embezzlement lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney can work to explain the general concept of embezzlement and investigate your situation. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we can evaluate the strength of the prosecutor’s case and develop a strategy to protect your way of life.


The state’s criminal code makes no differentiation between embezzlement or any other version of theft. In fact, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1802 refers to the taking of property for any non-approved reason as theft under the state’s criminal code.

Even so, it is still essential to comprehend the concept of embezzlement to prepare an effective defense. Embezzlement may occur when the property owner entrusts it to the safe care of another. Common examples include company owners who allow a worker to use a computer, a mechanic who works on a car, or a financial planner who holds client funds. Each of these parties is obligated to use the property as the owner intends and to return the property upon the owner’s request.

A failure on either of these counts may result in allegations of embezzlement. A Scottsdale attorney can provide more information about embezzlement and why a defendant may face these accusations.


As an example of theft, embezzlement charges are subject to the same stratification of potential penalties. The main factor determining a charge’s severity is the value of the items involved in the alleged embezzlement. According to the statute, embezzlement may be:

  • A class 1 misdemeanor if the value of the item is less than $1,000
  • A class 6 felony if the value is between $1,000 and $2,000
  • Up to a class 2 felony when the value is over $25,000

The statute also allows prosecutors to aggregate the value of items. For example, suppose a defendant faces charges alleging the embezzlement of three $500 computers. In that case, the court will combine these allegations into a single class 6 felony charge, as the total value of the items is $1,500. An experienced attorney at our firm can further explain the sentencing guidelines for embezzlement charges.


People who are facing charges involving embezzlement may be frightened and confused. They may misunderstand what the owner of the property intended or the extent of their authority to use the property.

If you face charges alleging the improper use of items, contact a Scottsdale embezzlement lawyer as soon as possible. The team at Grand Canyon Law Group can work to dispel the idea that you misused property. In other cases, we can dispute whether you were involved in the disappearance or destruction of property.

The outcome of an embezzlement case can result in a felony conviction in the most severe situations. Call our firm today to protect your future and fight the charges against you.

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