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Scottsdale Vehicular Crimes Attorney

When driving, we must be sure to keep our attention on the road, follow applicable traffic laws, and act in ways to protect the well-being of others. Failures to uphold this standard can come with harsh consequences. In some cases, this may even include an arrest and prosecution for a crime.

Contact a Scottsdale vehicular crimes lawyer immediately if you are accused of illegal conduct behind the wheel. This includes incidents when a police officer believes your driving was reckless, when you supposedly were drunk behind the wheel, or if a vehicle was allegedly used to commit another offense. In any of these scenarios, the hardworking attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can fight tirelessly to protect your rights.


Most incidents that occur on Scottsdale’s roads are mere violations. Allegations that a person was speeding, failed to stop at a red light, or failed to yield are violations where a conviction cannot result in a person spending time in jail.


However, other instances on the road can lead to criminal charges. For example, Arizona Revised Statutes § 28-1381 prohibits driving a vehicle while drunk or under the influence of drugs. This behavior is always illegal even if a driver does not impact another traveler.


A similar concept applies to incidents involving reckless driving. According to AZ Rev. Stat. § 28-693, this offense occurs when a person operates a vehicle in reckless disregard for the safety of people or property. The event does not need to involve a collision; a police officer may make an arrest merely upon their observations.


Finally, incidents involving causing property damage or bodily harm are the most serious examples of vehicular crimes. Leaving the scene of a collision or committing vehicular assault can be felonies with life-altering consequences. Those accused of these offenses need legal representation from a nearby vehicular crimes attorney to defend against severe penalties.


Any accusation involving a supposed vehicular crime is a serious matter. Many of these cases are misdemeanors where convictions can result in no more than six months in jail. However, others are felonies where convictions come with mandatory prison sentences, even with mitigating factors for a first-time offender.

The first goal of a Scottsdale vehicular crimes lawyer is to help people avoid this outcome. Many vehicular crime cases revolve around a police officer’s observations and subsequent conclusions. A savvy attorney at our firm could help offer a different view of the events that led to a driving offense.

Our lawyers could also work to help drivers avoid penalties related to their driver’s licenses. For example, a reckless driving conviction may cause a license suspension or other consequences. It may be possible to agree to a lesser version of a charge that prevents this outcome.


Alleged criminal violations behind the wheel could lead to a criminal record and even jail time. Whether your arrest was due to a supposed DUI, reckless driving, or causing injury to another, you deserve every opportunity to defend yourself.

Hiring a Scottsdale vehicular crimes lawyer to handle your case is a step in the right direction. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our dedicated attorneys can explain your charges, evaluate the evidence that a prosecutor intends to bring to court, and develop a defense to protect your driving privileges and freedom. Contact us now to get started.

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