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Fraud is the offense of misrepresenting something for material gain. Fraud could arise in almost any context, but people arrested for fraud are usually accused of using deceptive practices to steal money. Effectively defending fraud charges requires sophisticated financial knowledge, technical expertise, and legal skills.

The Tolleson fraud lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group are prepared to scrutinize the evidence and find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. Our dedicated attorneys will fight for the most favorable outcome available under the circumstances.


Arizona Revised Statutes §13-2310 defines fraud as a “scheme or artifice” to knowingly obtain a benefit from someone else under false pretenses. False pretenses could involve providing untrue information to induce someone to part with something of value or concealing information that might discourage someone from participating in the transaction.

Some types of fraud are subject to state prosecution, such as real estate fraud, state tax fraud, or public benefits fraud. Other fraud crimes might be prosecuted under state or federal law or both. Examples include:

  • Medicare fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Credit card fraud

Our skilled Tolleson attorneys are prepared to mount a vigorous defense to fraud charges whether the defendant is prosecuted in state or federal court. Prosecutors often charge fraud in conjunction with other crimes, so working with a legal professional with broad experience in white-collar criminal defense is essential.


A conviction for fraud requires a prosecutor to prove that the defendant intended to steal something through a factual misrepresentation. One defense to fraud charges is that the defendant did not know they were making false statements or omitting critical information. Any evidence that raises doubts about the person’s intent to defraud could lead to an acquittal.

People sometimes get caught up in fraudulent schemes due to pressure from relatives, employers, or others. In these cases, a savvy local attorney might negotiate an agreement with prosecutors to provide information about the fraudulent scheme and the people who originated it in return for lenient treatment. Sometimes, prosecutors will drop charges if an individual has valuable information about a large-scale fraud scheme.

Some frauds involve complex financial or technological maneuvering that requires specialized expertise to understand. The legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group has a network of experts who could find errors in the prosecution’s evidence, casting doubt on the rest of their case. Exposing weaknesses in the evidence could lead to a reduction in charges or an acquittal at trial.


Fraud is a Class 2 felony. Most people convicted of fraud will be sentenced to pay a fine and restitution, as well as serve prison time. Under the state’s complex sentencing scheme, the presumptive sentence for a first offender is five years in prison. However, this sentence could be decreased to three years or increased to 12.5 years, depending on mitigating and aggravating factors. In some cases, a first offender could receive a suspended sentence and probation.

The penalties are far more severe if the offender has previous felony convictions. People with prior convictions are not eligible for suspended sentences, and the presumptive sentence for someone with one prior felony is nine years and three months. If aggravating factors are present and the offender has two or more prior convictions, they could serve up to 35 years in prison for fraud.

Judges have considerable discretion when sentencing fraud crimes. Our seasoned Tolleson attorneys can work tirelessly to convince a judge to impose a lenient sentence for someone convicted of fraud.


Fraud is subject to harsh penalties that can affect the rest of your life. The best way to prevent these repercussions is to avoid a conviction. At Grand Canyon Law Group, a Tolleson fraud lawyer will work diligently to achieve a dismissal, reduction in charges, or acquittal at a trial.

Defeating fraud charges requires the knowledge and experience that comes from years of defending people accused of white-collar crimes. Call today to discuss how we can fight for you.

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