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Tolleson Bribery Attorney

Bribery allegations can result from attempts to provide gifts to public officials or people serving the court system. Asking for or receiving bribes as a public official is also illegal. Outside of the political or judicial realm, these charges can involve bribes to employees to act against the interests of their companies.

When you face bribery allegations, you need legal representation from a knowledgeable attorney. A Tolleson bribery lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can provide more information about the state’s laws and work to build a powerful defense on your behalf.


The classic definition of bribery is when a person pays or provides a gift to another person in an attempt to influence an outcome. This applies to political policies as well as sporting outcomes, court proceedings, and process servers.

Arizona Revised Statute § 13-2602 makes it a crime to offer bribes to government officers. A bribe involves a gift with the intent to change a government official’s stance on a topic—it cannot be merely a gift of good faith. Accepting these gifts is also against the law.


Anyone convicted under this statute faces a Class 4 felony. Even if this is a person’s first felony conviction and mitigating factors are present, the law requires a minimum jail sentence of one year. Aggravating factors in the case could see a court increase the sentence to 3.75 years.

Our skilled Tolleson attorneys can help those facing accusations related to political bribery. We could work to show that any exchange of property was a simple gift or fits within the legal lobbying rules.


A separate portion of state law deals with bribery outside of government. A typical example is AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-2605. This statute makes it a felony to offer a bribe to an employee of a company with the understanding that the employee will act against the interests of that company. Just like with political bribery, accepting these payments is also a violation.


Convictions for commercial bribery are Class 5 felonies. Mitigating factors could result in a minimum jail sentence of six months. However, aggravating factors could extend a sentence to 2.5 years. Our seasoned lawyers in Tolleson can work to mitigate the potential penalties for people facing commercial bribery charges.


Bribery is a serious offense with a required jail term upon conviction, and defending against this charge is a complex process. The prosecutor must prove that the exchange of goods occurred and that someone intended to influence another person’s political stance or actions.

A Tolleson bribery lawyer at our firm works to create reasonable doubt concerning these transactions. From the initial consultation, our dedicated attorneys will listen to your concerns and goals for your case. We can work to create a favorable plea deal and negotiate with the District Attorney with that goal in mind. If you wish to fight the charges every step of the way, we are at your side from arraignment to trial. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn how we can fight for you and your way of life.

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