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Tolleson Felony Attorney

An arrest for an alleged crime is always a serious matter. However, the harshest potential penalties apply when a prosecutor brings charges that rise to the level of a felony. In every instance, a conviction carries the potential for a prison sentence. A felony on your criminal record can also impact every area of your life and affect your future opportunities.

When you face felony charges, work with a skilled attorney to give yourself every possible advantage. Hiring a Tolleson felony lawyer to handle the case can bring you the edge you need for a successful outcome. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we work to investigate the matter at hand thoroughly, evaluate the legality of the charges against you, and develop a defense tailored to the facts of your case.


Felony charges are the most serious accusations a person can face. In general, these charges allege a person has committed an act of serious violence, caused extreme property damage, or went against public welfare.

One typical example is Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3407. This law makes it a Class 2 felony to possess any illegal drug intending to distribute to others. As a Class 2 felony, convictions can bring a prison sentence of up to 12.5 years, even for a first felony conviction. Mitigating factors in a case will still result in a mandatory minimum sentence of three years.

Other prominent examples of felonies include:

The skilled Tolleson attorneys at our firm can explain the specific felony charges a defendant faces and help build a tailored defense.


Anyone facing a felony charge must take quick and effective steps to protect themselves. This can start as soon as a person learns they are a target in a police investigation. A local felony lawyer could protect the suspect from police interrogation techniques and improper lineup identifications.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our attorneys aim to provide effective assistance during every court hearing. This includes arguing for fair bail terms, disputing the need for restraining orders, and challenging the legality of evidence a prosecutor intends to present at trial.

If the felony case goes to trial, our Tolleson lawyers are ready to present evidence and create reasonable doubt in the jurors’ minds. Whether the defendant wants a fair plea deal to receive a reduced sentence or wishes to fight the charges in court, our skilled legal team is ready to develop an effective strategy.


A felony conviction has the potential to change every part of your life. Even if you avoid prison time, being labeled a felon could make it difficult to obtain employment or housing. Convictions can also lead to you losing many of your civil rights. You must approach your case from a position of strength and be prepared to fight the prosecutor’s allegations every step of the way.

A Tolleson felony lawyer can provide the support you need to protect your way of life. Grand Canyon Law Group works with you to understand your needs, evaluate your case, and identify a defense strategy that limits the impact of these accusations. Give our firm a call now to discuss how we can help.

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