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Apache Junction Student Defense Attorney

Every person who faces criminal charges must take their situation seriously. However, perhaps no group of people stands to lose as much as students. Not only could a criminal conviction result in severe penalties, but the mere appearance of wrongdoing can trigger a school disciplinary hearing that may jeopardize your academic future.

An Apache Junction student defense lawyer is ready to provide representation in both settings. The skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can work to dispute a prosecutor’s case in criminal court to defeat the charges and minimize the potential consequences. We also understand how to work within your school’s rules to protect your ability to continue your education.


All colleges and universities have internal codes of conduct that dictate how their students must act on and off-campus. This usually includes acting with good moral character, and an arrest for an alleged criminal act will likely count as a violation.

If a school suspects a violation has occurred, they may begin disciplinary proceedings. The exact steps in these proceedings will vary from school to school, but they will usually involve interviews, the gathering of evidence, and formal hearings. In addition, the rights that a school gives to its students may also vary. Some may allow a student to have an attorney present during all sessions, while others may require them to appear on their own.

Regardless, an Apache Junction defense attorney can advise a student throughout the disciplinary hearing process. A seasoned lawyer will investigate the school’s rules, determine the student’s rights, and help them present an effective defense.


As adults, college students face the full extent of the law for alleged criminal violations. There are several common examples of charges that tend to impact people attending colleges or universities, such as possession of alcohol for any person under the age of 21. Arizona Revised Statute § 4-244 makes this offense a class 1 misdemeanor that can bring a jail sentence of up to 180 days, as well as steep fines.

The possession of illegal substances laws can also involve drugs. The drugs may involve dangerous drugs under A.R.S. § 13-3407 or narcotic drugs under A.R.S. § 13-3408. These offenses are class 4 felonies if the alleged possession was for personal use only.

The student defense lawyers at our firm are ready to present a persuasive defense against all types of criminal charges. Whether the case is a misdemeanor or a felony, it is vital to protect one’s future against the penalties that come with a conviction.


Pursuing higher education comes with many responsibilities. Among them is the requirement to follow your school’s rules for behavior and conduct. Being arrested for an alleged crime can certainly count as a violation of this code. In addition, your school may penalize you even if a case ends with an acquittal or if criminal charges never result.

To protect your future and educational opportunities, speak with an Apache Junction student defense lawyer today. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we work to defeat the prosecutor’s case in court, explain your rights, and defend your ability to continue your education. Reach out to us today to learn how we can fight for your way of life.

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