The Difference Between Robbery And Aggravated Robbery

Robbery charges are serious offenses in the state of Arizona. While many think theft and robbery are similar, robbery involves using force to steal from another person. As such, it is a felony offense and is treated more seriously because it is a crime of violence.

If you were arrested for robbery or aggravated robbery in Arizona, you should consult a trusted criminal defense attorney. A lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group could help you understand the difference between robbery and aggravated robbery and develop a defense strategy for the specific charges.

When you are convicted of a crime like robbery, you face prison time in addition to personal and professional struggles. Someone with a permanent criminal record could have difficulty finding work or somewhere to live. It also impacts your ability to vote or own a firearm. Do not hesitate to contact our firm to discuss your legal rights and options.


According to Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1902, someone commits robbery when they intentionally take someone else’s property with the threat or use of force. While robbery charges share similarities with theft charges, these are distinct offenses that involve violence against another person. If someone is charged with robbery but did not use force, they can argue for lesser charges.

Robbery is a Class 4 felony in Arizona; the offender could face serious penalties if convicted. A first-time offender could face at least one year in prison and a $750 to $150,000 fine. Second-time offenders could face anywhere from two to seven and a half years based on the circumstances of the offense. Someone convicted of robbery more than three times could spend six to fifteen years in prison.


According to ARS § 13-1903, a robbery is elevated to an aggravated charge if more than one person is involved in the offense.

Aggravated robbery is a class 3 felony in Arizona. First-time offenders face two to eight and three quarters years in prison. Second-time offenders could spend anywhere from 3.25 to 16.25 years, while third-time offenders face 7.5 to 25 years. Aggravated robbery charges also carry hefty fines; in some cases, defendants may be ordered to pay restitution. When the potential penalties are this high, it is crucial to work with a seasoned lawyer who can fight the aggravated robbery charges or work to get them reduced.


Prosecutors in Arizona take robbery offenses very seriously. If you have been arrested for robbery or aggravated robbery, it is important to consult an Arizona criminal defense lawyer who can explain the relevant laws and how they apply to your case. A skilled defense lawyer could also advise you of your options moving forward.

A felony conviction involves prison time and a criminal record that could impact your ability to find employment in the future. The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group work to reduce the impact of the charges on your way of life and protect your future. Our savvy defense lawyers will work tirelessly to uphold your best interests. Call us today to discuss a defense strategy for your case.