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The Consequences Of Drag Racing

When your car has a powerful engine, and you have an empty road ahead of you, the temptation to see what your vehicle can do can be overwhelming. Although the…

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What To Know About Arizona Defensive Driving School

Like many states, Arizona assigns a point value to every moving violation and traffic offense. Anyone who gets more than eight points assessed against their license within a 12-month period…

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What To Do If A Police Car Pulls You Over In Arizona

Getting pulled over is a stressful event for you and your passengers. Your goal when you are stopped by police should be to get through the stop uninjured and not…

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A Guide To License Points In Arizona

A conviction on a traffic offense can lead to harsh consequences. You must plead guilty and pay a fine or spend time and money defending yourself in court. If you…

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Should You Fight A Traffic Violation?

For some people, a traffic ticket is a minor annoyance that is immediately paid and forgotten. Fighting a traffic ticket might seem costly or pointless to some, but seeking legal…

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