We’re 3 Weeks Into Spring Training – Don’t Risk Legal Troubles Now!

Baseball season kicks off this March with spring training returning to Arizona’s Cactus League stadiums. As a top criminal defense firm seeing legal repercussions firsthand year after year, we urge attendees to exercise caution amid revelries. With alcohol flowing freely at packed tailgates and nightlife events, arrests predictably surge for offenses like drunk driving and public intoxication during this rowdy month. If questioned or detained, immediately contact the Grand Canyon Law Group to protect your rights!

The allure of spring training draws scores to witness over 200 exhibition games across ten bustling venues. This backdrop of sporting excitement leads to abundant alcohol usage, amplifying the risk of alcohol-related incidents. Understandably so, law enforcement adopts a proactive enforcement stance to maintain order among the seasonal mayhem.

Beyond driving under the influence apprehensions, the convergence of drinking and crowds’ spurs assorted public offenses such as:

  • Underage possession/consumption
  • Furnishing alcohol to minors
  • Open container violations
  • Public drunkenness

Don’t let spring training hijinks leave lasting damage! With extensive expertise tackling alcohol-related charges around Cactus League locales, we leverage meticulous case review and aggressive negotiation tactics to mitigate penalties. Trust our stellar reputation securing charge dismissals and diversion programs for clients of all backgrounds.


We get it – baseball and our incredible weather brings understandable excitement and celebration down here each March. However, we always stand ready when overzealous policing jeopardizes attendees’ futures over marginal misconduct. Call us immediately following any alcohol-related arrests or complications. Our top defense lawyers offer 24/7 assistance to advise and vigorously defend your rights. Here’s to enjoying training’s final weeks responsibly with peace of mind our lawyers provide the ultimate backup plan if needed!

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