What To Do If You Are Arrested

There is no doubt that getting arrested is frightening. However, if you can keep calm, an arrest does not necessarily lead to more serious consequences.

Unfortunately, people get stressed when they are arrested, and the police take advantage. Many people say and do things when they get arrested that make their case harder to win.

You can make things much easier for yourself in the long run if you contact a local criminal defense attorney as soon as you are arrested. Grand Canyon Law Group can protect your rights, help you get bail, and ensure the police abide by the proper procedures.


The single most important thing to remember if you are arrested, or believe you are about to be, is to stay calm and cooperative. Follow directions, do as the officers ask, and try not to escalate the situation. Do not give the police any excuse to use force against you.

The police have the right to detain you for a short time to determine whether you might have been involved in a crime. You should provide your name and show your identification, if asked, but you have no obligation to answer other questions.

If the police arrest you, they must explain that they are doing so and read you your rights. They will remind you that you have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney present during questioning. Do not allow the police to persuade or bully you into answering their questions without a lawyer.


When the police read your rights to you, they will inform you that anything you say can be used against you in court. You must take that statement seriously, because the police do.

Law enforcement officers are trained to get people to incriminate themselves, like using aggressive tactics to scare you. They could try to convince you they are looking out for your best interests and will release you as soon as you answer some questions. They might even lie and say someone else has admitted to a crime and said you were a part of it.

No matter what they say, do not answer their questions or volunteer any information until a lawyer is present. If the officers persist, tell them that you invoke your right to remain silent, or just say nothing at all.


You are entitled to legal representation. Ask for a lawyer as soon as you are arrested, and do not engage with the officers until the attorney is present. Remember that it is not your responsibility to help the police solve crimes.

Once you are booked into custody, you will be allowed a phone call. Most people call family members, but ask whomever you call to contact a lawyer for you as quickly as possible. If you do not need to let anyone know where you are, it is wise to use your phone call to contact a lawyer directly.

If the officers try to interrogate you, politely remind them that you will not answer questions until a lawyer is present. Do not budge from that position. Once your attorney arrives, you can explain the situation to them, and they can advise you whether to answer questions.


Most people feel intimidated when they are in police custody, and that sometimes leads them to say or do things that are harmful in the long run. Knowing what to do if you are arrested—and what not to do—can make a favorable result more likely.

Contact Grand Canyon Legal Group as quickly as possible after an arrest in Arizona. We can ensure the police do not take advantage of you and use your understandable fear to make their case.