You Got A Dui On St. Patrick’s Day, What’s Next? Understanding The Implications

As the fanfare of St. Patrick’s Day festivities fades, you may be left facing devastating DUI charges with fear and uncertainty about repercussions. Between dizzying legal paperwork and court summons, police impounding vehicles, and family members asking anxious questions, the situation probably feels chaotic and terrifying. Here at Grand Canyon Law Group, our top priority is demystifying paths forward so you can make informed choices when fighting criminal allegations. Let’s explore what happens following drunk driving arrests and how to engage proven DUI defense representation.


In most cases, individuals remain detained for fingerprint processing, mugshots and warrant checks tied to setting bail terms overnight or longer depending on jurisdiction protocols. Upon release, those arrested confront immediate vehicle impound retrieval hurdles before even contending with court dates, fines and alumni complications exacerbated by ultra-strict Arizona law.

That’s why Grand Canyon Law Group urges contacting our seasoned DUI defense team directly from precinct houses when constitutionally permitted. Early counsel empowers smart decision-making, from interactions with officers to beginning initial investigations into incident response flaws. Consider us your lifeline when devastation strikes – no legal scenario exists where guidance from knowledgeable attorneys fails to benefit defendant interests.


Once back on foot after that traumatic arrest experience, the real legal work begins. By enlisting Grand Canyon Law Group’s services proactively, clients gain critical guidance when contending with:

  • Navigating extreme Arizona sanctions
  • Paperwork, forms and deadlines
  • Plea deals, diversion programs and sentencing options
  • Retaining driving privileges where possible


While we hope this roadmap helps demonstrate what to expect after DUI allegations, please understand your situation likely involves unique complexities. Call 480-573-6441 and schedule a FREE consultation with Grand Canyon Law Group to discuss specifics under attorney-client privilege protections. Our entire team strives to alleviate confusion and anxiety throughout the representation process, so you can make the most well-informed choices possible. Here’s to brighter days ahead!