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Being accused of any type of sex offense in Arizona puts you at risk for hefty fines and lengthy jail sentences as well as financial and reputational ruin. Hiring experienced defense counsel is a must, and not just any skilled attorney will do. You need a seasoned Gilbert sex crimes lawyer who knows the system and will vigorously fight to preserve your future.


Depending on the circumstances, criminal sexual misconduct charges can take many forms:

The charges levied will turn on many factors, including the alleged victim’s age, the conduct that supposedly occurred, and the relationship between the parties.

No matter the charges, these are tumultuous times for anyone accused, and they need to have confidence in their defense counsel. Lawyers who regularly represent individuals charged with committing a sexual offense work tirelessly to ensure that all the facts are presented and that their clients receive the best defense possible.


Anyone facing charges for committing a sex crime might feel anxious and worried about their future, with good reason. In addition to the harsh penalties defined by Arizona law, those convicted may always have a criminal record, which may impact future opportunities.


The fines and terms of imprisonment associated with sexual offenses vary based on the type of crime alleged – some sexual wrongdoings are misdemeanors, while others are felonies – but in all cases, jail time and fines are possible.

The law takes the victimization of children very seriously, and in those cases, the criminal classifications increase, imposing more stringent penalties. If the accused holds a position of trust (e.g., parent, coach, teacher, minister), the consequences are even more serious.


Being a convicted sex offender introduces a social stigma that follows an individual for the rest of their life. Once found guilty of or pleading guilty to a sexual offense, individuals may lose their jobs and forfeit professional licenses, leaving their reputations irreparably damaged. Additionally, certain individuals who are convicted must register with the State as a sex offender.

Arizona’s sexual offender registry records a variety of information on each convict, such as their name, all aliases, DNA, physical address, online usernames, email addresses, and the nature of their offense. As a public record, this information is available to anyone. Being listed in this database can cause individuals to lose out on housing, future employment, education opportunities, and loans. It may also serve as a source of dishonor and embarrassment.


Given the high stakes – your freedom, financial well-being, future opportunities, and damage to your reputation – sexual misconduct allegations should not be taken lightly. You need a determined Gilbert sex crimes lawyer defending fighting for you. Call us right now to start fighting back today.

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